Principal's Message

Dear Parents/ Guardians/ Caregivers:

Welcome to Victor Elementary School! All of us at Victor Elementary School want to make this a successful experience for your child. Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure much academic and social success for your child.

We are very proud of our staff, students, PTA and parent volunteers who have a large part in making Victor Elementary School a California Distinguished School. I invite all parents and caregivers to become a part of our special community by volunteering though our fabulous PTA or within your child's classroom. There is a spirit of cooperation and progress at school we want to share with you.

As reflected in our Mission Statement, Victor provides a safe, productive, positive, and well-rounded learning environment that focuses on each and every child. Technology and best practices are used at Victor to engage and educate 21st Century Learners. In partnership with our parents and community, we will empower each and every student to become a contributing member of our global community.

In addition to our efforts, parents and caregivers make a difference in a child's education. No matter how small the task the little bit of encouragement or time spent with our children can be strong and enduring. Enjoy this school year with your child as you learn together in a shared partnership of cooperation, communication and caring. If the following steps are followed by you, will be pleased with the product — I guarantee it!

• Participate in your child's learning
• Accept only the best your child can do
• Read to your child every night
• Exemplify those behaviors you would like your child to have
• Nurture a positive attitude in your child that he or she can learn
• Talk to your child and listen.
• Snuggle. Have you hugged your child today?

We implore all stakeholders to participate and be active in our school events and activities. The partnership between home and school is a key factor in every child's success in school. Volunteer when you can and join the PTA! You are an important part of what makes Victor School so special!

​Ongoing communication between school and home is critical to a child's success in school. Communication from home to school will be done primarily through our E Blast system and website. Some information will also be sent home via our Tuesday Envelope. Be sure to sign up for our E Blast to receive important information.  99% of my correspondence is sent via E Blast. This can be done by going to our website and subscribing.

​If you are seeking before or after school care for your child you can contact the Victor YMCA at 310-325-5885 or 310-370-4133.  After School care is offered through the Torrance Parks and Recreation program (310-618-2930) or the Salvation Army (310-370-4545 x 108).

We will continue to have minimum days every Wednesday so we can hold our TUSD School Board adopted Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  Every Wednesday, dismissal for grades one through five will be 2:27.  Kindergarten dismissal remains the same at 1:59.  During the week of parent/teacher conferences, dismissal will be at 2:12 Monday through Friday.

Lastly, at Victor we stress the importance of attendance.  Research shows a direct correlation between high achievement with high attendance rates.  I am proud to report that Victor has one of the highest attendance rates of all schools with an average 97.84%.  Please ensure that your child attends school on time everyday unless they are sick.  Plan vacations and doctor’s appointment according to our school and district schedule.  I would love for us to have the highest attendance rate of all schools in Torrance Unified School District.

Please keep in touch. All of your questions and constructive feedback are important to me and us at Victor. Do know that my door is always open to you.

William Baker