A volunteer is someone who comes to campus to participate in a classroom activity such as a special event or party, to do tasks for the teacher or for a PTA event, or any other activities where you are interacting with students who are not your own children.




Volunteers that are trained at artist-taught workshops provide five “art experiences” during the year. These “hands-on” opportunities are uniquely designed and rooted in different cultures and art media.  This program effectively complements the DBAE (Discipline Based Art Education) program currently used by our teachers.  The program culminates in the spring with an art exhibit featuring an AIA project done by each Towers student.


Towers PTA will publish its yearly annual for the students.  Like to take photos? Then can you come in for a few minutes to cover an event with your camera! Photos taken of student activities are welcome for submittal.  Towers PTA will distribute one annual to each 5th grade student at the close of the school year at no cost. Students in grades Kindergarten-4th will have an opportunity to purchase their annual.


Towers PTA provides funds for several student assemblies each year. These assemblies will include a variety of subject material in keeping with the school curriculum.


Can you pass all the challenges required to make it through the rodeo? Help run a fun contest for students on their bikes through obstacles of all levels. Our winners move on to the District PTA level where they can win some amazing prizes! This is a yearly event held at Torrance schools in the spring.  PTA volunteers will run this event for third, fourth and fifth grade students wanting to participate.  Bicycle safety and skills are stressed.  This is also a good time to license bicycles.


During this week in May, we remember and honor all of those who serve in law enforcement in our city, state and country. Do you know a hero? Tell us so we can celebrate their service!


Organize a drive to collect gently loved books throughout a week, then set up books for exchange at the end of the week.


Towers PTA sponsors Scholastic book fairs to provide students and teachers the opportunity to attain quality books that correspond to your child’s curriculum and reading level.  All funds generated by the Book Fairs are used for the school library.


Yes, the labels on your cereal box! Please cut out any Box Tops for Education and turn them into your teacher. We need a parent to help count and mail in the cut-outs. Every box top is worth 10 cents.


In our attempt to go “green”, you will find all pertinent school information on our website at www.towers.tusd.org. Sign up for the Towers eBlast, and monthly packets will go home with the youngest sibling. Additional packets will be available at the front office.


Our school computer lab is coordinated by Towers staff and volunteers.  The volunteers assist the students while learning from programs supplementing classroom instruction.  This is a very valuable experience for students and volunteers.


Planning food and refreshments for events including Holiday Luncheon, Teacher Appreciation Week, Back to School Teacher Luncheon and Kindergarten Tea.


The money raised through the Direct Donation Drive Campaign supports the many programs that the PTA provides to your children.  Because it’s increasingly harder for public education to fund certain programs, the PTA has helped supplement the classroom curriculum with:  art programs, assemblies, field trips, etc.  Therefore, your support truly impacts your child’s education.  Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your donation stays at Towers.


This is one of the most important concerns that we have for our children.  The PTA researches, coordinates, and funds all supplies necessary for treating our children in a disaster.  When you receive requests for help volunteering, information and time, please give this your total attention.


The PTA provides enrichment funds for each teacher to help purchase educational materials and supplies.  Since supply budgets have been hit hard in the past few years, we find it essential to help provide the teachers with much needed classroom materials for academic enrichment


Our annual family portraits will be available in November.  You may purchase a portrait of your entire family for a very reasonable price.  Our school receives the entire amount as a donation, and you receive a beautiful color portrait. The portraits will be back in time for the holidays.


Plan a 3-hour event for all fathers and father-like figures for a time to bond with their daughters. Plan a dance off, game day, and more! Finish it off with photos each will never forget.


The PTA provides funds for transportation for two field trips for each classroom per year.  The destination is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.


Each year in last week of school, we sponsor a picnic to celebrate the promotion of our 5th graders to middle school. The entire 5th grade class enjoys a day at the park.  After a barbeque lunch, the 5th graders participate in fun games and friendly competition.  The day is capped off with a celebration in the school cafeteria.


A program created by four moms in 2008 at Grand View Elementary who cared enough for the environment to ultimately lead to an award by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This program for students is replicated in schools to create free and easy tools to empower and inspire students to care for the environment. Concentrations include conserving air, energy, waste, water, or toxins. www.gradesofgreen.org


Saturday afternoon at Towers in October. This event is a fundraiser for the PTA. Food trucks, pumpkin patch, games, prizes, Principal’s Cake Walk, Silent Auction, and more. Our game booths are run by Bert Lynn and West High students. Many of them alumni!


Each year in February, the local, State and National PTA takes this opportunity to honor those people who have dedicated their lives to children, and have made a significant contribution to their community.  At Towers, we honor these people with a celebration at our February Association Meeting.


This wonderful celebration will take place in June in the Towers cafeteria.  It includes fun with friends, yummy ice cream treats, and games– a great family evening.


This is one of the two main fundraisers that the Towers PTA holds for its general budget needs.  In February, the children are asked to take pledges of financial support for each lap completed the day of the run.  This is a fun, enthusiastic event.


Several members of the PTA Board are involved in following and studying different legislation on the local, state and national level that affect our children and schools. Do you follow policy, would you like the State to fund more towards the schools? Would you like to learn the process, and meet with our lawmakers? This position is for you!


Towers School Library is funded by our PTA and staffed by PTA volunteers. Volunteers are needed to assist the students while checking out books.  Be sure to encourage your children to take advantage of this valuable resource by signing the Library Checkout permission slip that will be sent home with your child.


A hub of innovation right in the middle of elementary school. Students can gather to create, invent, experiment and learn. Parents, do you have a background in engineering, robotics, art, fabrication, software, electronics? Come teach a 20 minute-class to a group of 20-30 students. Come and supplement their school experience. Our donated items include a 3D printer, a Cricket machine, and more.


All parents, families and community members are encouraged to support the PTA.  The majority of the money raised in the PTA membership drive goes to the National PTA.  This branch of the PTA supplies all PTA’s with legislative support on education issues, parent education, materials, and training for PTA members.


Plan a 3 hour event for all mothers and mother-like figures for a time to bond with their sons. Plan a dance off, game day, and more! Finish it off with photos each will never forget.


How many times have we seen brand-new balls that go through the wear and tear of child’s play? This is the perfect position for someone who can oversee all the equipment and replenish supplies as needed so children always have enough equipment during play.


This week is held in October of each year.  We are a part of a national campaign to eradicate drug use.  There are pep rallies and lots of red ribbons!


Reflections is a cultural arts program of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers (the National PTA), which encourages students in grades K-12 to express their thoughts and feelings through the creative arts.  Every year a new theme is chosen, and students create artwork at home or school in four categories:  Literature, Visual Arts, Photography and Musical Composition.  Watch for more information in early October.


Without Room Representatives your PTA could not function successfully in the school. Each Room will have a Representative that will help their class with parties and parent to teacher communication needs.


Our PTA awards scholarship money to graduates from West High, who have also graduated from Towers Elementary School.  Scholarship applications are sent to our committee from the high school counselors.


Volunteers are needed to assist teachers in planning and staffing the school Spelling Bee which takes place in the spring.


Spirit Sticks are backpack charms that the students collect in various themes based on the school activity. They promote positive school spirit.


Towers School T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold yearly to promote school spirit.  Students are encouraged to wear their shirts on Fridays.  This is not a fundraiser as the shirts are sold at cost.  Watch for flyers with an order blank to be sent home.  After the initial orders are filled, the balance remaining will be on sale at the student store.


This is a self-esteem enhancing peer leadership program for all 5th grade students.  S.T.A.R.S. is facilitated by volunteers and led by the 5th grade teaching staff.  Students meet monthly to discuss life goals and choices.


Our student store will carry supplies such as pens, pencils, folders, and school spirit items.  The store will be open soon, look out for more info in the eBlast soon.


Weeklong activities from the parents and students to express our appreciation for our hard working teachers. Includes a teacher luncheon, goodie bags, hand-written notes from the students, and more.


This is a fun-filled, incentive program sponsored by the PTA to promote extra-curricular reading.  Look for more information in February.

VARIETY SHOW – Talent Show

In March, our children present a wonderful variety show of all of their talents, musical and athletic.  Notices for volunteers will come out in your child’s communication package.