Policies & Procedures

Visitor vs. Volunteer

A visitor is someone who comes to campus during regular school hours to:

  • Watch a presentation
  • Have lunch with their child
  • Or any activity where you are not interacting with students other than your own child.

 A volunteer is someone who comes to campus during regular school hours to participate in a classroom or school activity that may include but is not limited to:

  • Healthy Ever After
  • Adventures in Art
  • Special Event
  • Celebration or party
  • PTA event
  • Working in the classroom
  • Or any activity where you are interacting with students other than your own child


Click here to apply to be a volunteer at Towers.


Once you have been cleared to volunteer, you must sign in at the office on arrival and take a Volunteer badge.  Volunteers must follow the volunteer policies.   You will need to arrange volunteer times with your student’s teacher prior to arriving at school, or with the PTA persons in charge of a special event.

Volunteers and visitors are not allowed on the playground except when helping with special events, or in classrooms that you have not made prior arrangements to volunteer in for that specific time.


  • Visitors and volunteers can park in any unmarked space in the main parking lot.  The marked spaces (Principal, Secretary, Health Asst, Office Asst, VIP, K1, K2, K3, K4, Custodian) are reserved.  The back parking lot is for staff only and will be locked most of the school day. 
  • Please do not park along the valet curb during morning drop off (8:15-9:00) and afternoon pick up (2:15-3:30).
  • Please do not block the gate when entering the parking lot.  Do not pull into the gateway until your vehicle can pass all the way through.  Our school parking lot needs to be accessible to emergency vehicles at all times.
  • Please cross only at the crosswalk midway through the parking lot.


It is school policy that parents NOT go to the classroom to talk to teachers for any reason while school is in session (8:30-3:15), as this takes away from supervision and instructional time.  If you wish to talk to a teacher, please send an email or leave a voicemail requesting they contact you.   Their email addresses and phone extensions are listed on the website under OUR SCHOOL - Staff Directory.


Dogs are not allowed on campus at any time.   If you bring your dog when you drop off or pick up your student, the dog must be on a leash, and you and the dog must remain on the opposite side of the parking lot from the office and classrooms.


Families are required to report to the school office, in writing, any change of address within third (30) calendar days of moving.   Proof of this change, generally two utility bills, is also required.  If you have students at other TUSD schools as well as at Towers, you will need to go to the Enrollment Center with your change of address.

It is important to your family and to us at Towers that you receive all information that will be mailed home.


  • Any poster to be displayed on campus must be approved by the school prior to taping up.
  • Posters may not be hung on the fence that goes along the front of school.
  • Posters may not be hung on windows.
  • Any posters hung on a painted surface must be taped with a tape that will not harm the paint or leave residue.  For example, painters tape or masking tape.   Please do NOT use duct tape or gorilla tape on any painted surface!
  • Any posters hung on a brick surface will need duct tape or something similar in order to hold it.
  • The office does not provide tape for hanging posters.