School Rules


Computer Lab/

Hallway Cafeteria Playground/PE Bathroom

Front of School (Before & After)

Be Respectful

Follow directions Use kind words and actions Raise your hand to speak

Quiet Voice & walking feet Keep hands to yourself Report any problems

Use quiet voice Be polite to all workers Clean up after yourself when finished eating

Respect others personal space Solve problems peacefully Respect adults & obey their directions

Use restroom and promptly return to class Give friends privacy Quiet voices

Follow adult directions Keep doorways clear
Use kind Words


Be Responsible

Complete work on time (H.W. and classwork) Keep hands, feet  and objects to yourself Look/listen to teacher instructions

Keep hands and legs to self Go straight to destination Take jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc... home after school

Make your choices quickly & wisely Raise hand and wait to be excused Pick up and throw away trash

Use and share equipment appropriately Use restrooms and get drinks before the bell rings Stay in the area where adult supervision is provided Eat at benches

Keep the bathroom clean Report any problems Use supplies wisely

Arrive and leave on time Keep hands and personal items to yourself Use crosswalk


Use Your Best Effort

Participate in class activities Be prepared (H.W., Book, etc...) Use time efficiently

Walk quietly Face Forward Maintain personal space

Use your table manners Hold tray with two hands Stay seated while eating

Include others in your game Share equipment Freeze Belk Stop talking and playing

Take care of your business quickly Wash hands Keep bathroom clean

Walk bike & skateboard Use the crosswalk Wear helmet


Be Safe

Walk at all times Patiently take turns (line & getting in/out of room Using school tools/equipment properly

Keep hallway clear of backpacks, jackets, etc... Walk at all times

Walk safely Stay seated Only eat & touch your own food (food allergies)

Walk on the blacktop Use all equipment safely Stay on school property (climbing over fence to get balls)

Keep water in sink and off the floor Wash hands Walk to and from the bathroom

Look both ways before crossing Follow adult directions Keep personal belongings to oneself