In Case of an Emergency

What happens at Seaside in the event of an emergency?

On campus, when an emergency occurs, teachers and students follow the proper procedures for the particular type of emergency at hand. For example, when an earthquake occurs, students and teachers drop, cover and hold. If a chemical spill occurs, everyone will shelter in place and block air passages. The custodian and office staff will survey the damage and an all clear bell will ring when things outside are deemed safe. This begins evacuation to the yard. Once on the yard, a short report is generated and provided to the principal. Students will not be released to those listed on the green emergency card until all students have been accounted for.

In the event of any emergency during a school day, the following procedures must be followed by parents/guardians/those listed on the green emergency card:

  1. Remain calm and cooperative. Walk to school.
  2. Come to the main entrance gate of the school in front of the office and wait to begin the check-out procedure. I.D. is required. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER GATE.
  3. Move to the release gate adjacent to the auditorium. . This is the large gate adjacent to the cafeteria that students walk through in the morning.
  4. Once you have been identified, a walkie-talkie will be used to communicate with the teachers on the yard. Your child(ren) will be sent to the release gate and you may take them.
  5. DO NOT ENTER CAMPUS AT ANY TIME. This will lead to chaos. It is of paramount importance that the staff be able to remain calm and care for the students.
  6. Tune to KNX 1070 AM, KFWB 980 AM, KFI 640 AM for emergency announcements.

Remember, the school is one of the safest places for your children to be!

Emergency Preparedness

Should an emergency or disaster situation arise in our area while school is in session, we want you to be aware that our school staff has prepared, and continues to update plans to meet such situations.

Your cooperation is essential to support your child/children who may be at school when such an emergency occurs. These are some of the most important things you can do:

  1. Do not telephone the school (telephone lines may be needed for emergency communications).
  2. Walk (don’t drive) to school to pick up your child/children. (Streets must be kept open for emergency vehicles).
  3. Tune your radio to KFI 640 AM, KNX 1070 AM or KFWB 980 AM for emergency announcements.
  4. Come to the Reunion Gate 1, located near the computer lab, to sign out your child/children. You may then proceed to Reunion Gate 2, near the cafeteria, to pick up your child/children. Children will be escorted from the field by staff and designated volunteers. Parent /Guardians will be asked to wait at the gate for children.
  5. All children will be kept at school until we are able to make some type of contact with you. Our staff knows hat each staff member automatically becomes a civil defense employee in times of emergency and is required by law to remain on campus to assist until dismissed by the principal.
  6. The school is equipped with emergency medical supplies, water and various types of needed equipment and tools Staff members and volunteers are in an ongoing process of being trained by the Red Cross to administer First Aid and CPR. Watch for announcements for how you can be involved in the training. The more prepared our school and community members are, the safer our children will be.

TUSD Emergency Contacts-ParentConnect

Parents can update all emergency contact information on Parent Connect. You will need to complete the emergency contact information for each student.  At all times, it is necessary to have current information regarding home and work telephone numbers, place of employment, childcare address and telephone number, and people who will be able to attend to your child/children in the event of illness or emergency. If any emergency contact information needs to be changed during the school year please contact the school office immediately.

Since students will be released only to those persons designated on the emergency card, it is important to record as many people as you deem appropriate who will be able to pick up and care for your child/children. Please be sure each person on the contact list is aware they are on the list. He or she may be called, by the school, to pick up your child/children in the event of illness or emergency. Please do not list those who are more than 30 minutes away or out of state on this card.

Emergency Medication/Authorization for Medication at School

  • Medication must be in a designated one-gallon zip-lock bag with the child’s name/room number printed visibly on the outside of the bag.
  • Must include a ―District Authorization for Medication at School form.
  • Please include a 48 hour supply of necessary prescribed medication with instructions.