School Mission Statement

Seaside’s mission is to support all students in achieving academic proficiency and increased character awareness through meaningful experiences cultivating the growth of academic, social, emotional and physical health. We strive to create an environment that provides opportunities to positively strengthen our roles as active citizens.

We believe the role of the school, just as at home, is to provide firm but loving guidance and discipline to assist the child in developing internal controls and self discipline. The development of self discipline requires the combined efforts of student, parents/guardians and teachers. Well defined limits of behavior and positive guidance provide the child with a sense of inner security and contribute toward the formation of strong moral character.

At Seaside, we cultivate and nurture pro-social behavior. Students must not harm himself/herself, others or the property of others. Also, a child will not be permitted to interfere with the learning process. When a student behaves outside of these limits, logical consequences result.

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