Visitors to Campus

As protection for your children, state law requires that all persons not employed or enrolled as a student report their presence and purpose for the visit to the school office immediately upon arriving on campus. Visitors are requested to sign in, obtain a Visitor's Badge to wear, and sign out when they return their badge upon leaving.

To prevent classroom disruption, parents are to bring lunches, money, books, etc. from home to the office, rather than taking them directly to their child's classroom. Students should check in the office for the listed items because the classroom will not be called during instruction time.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school. We make the following suggestions for a beneficial visit if you wish to visit a classroom:

  • Please check with the teacher in advance - some days are better for visiting.
  • Check in at the office and obtain a Visitor's Badge before visiting the class.
  • Parent / Teacher conferences should be avoided at that time.
  • Please make child care arrangements for preschoolers and small children. Liability prevents non-school-age children from being in the classroom, library, cafeteria and playground.
  • Please plan on visiting for no more than 20 minutes.