Character Counts

Character Counts is sponsored annually by Igor and Suzanne Nastaskin since 2005, with more than $35,000 in contributions to date.

Character Counts gives students a framework on which to base their behavioral choices. It clearly delineates the way a "person of character" acts and behaves. Character Counts consists of six Pillars of Character. Each pillar is linked to a color and uses descriptors to outline how a person should act. This is not a curriculum and there are no prescribed lessons, rather teachers lead discussions about how a “person of character” behaves. This content is embedded in daily lessons and classroom management. In classrooms, teachers might call attention to a specific pillar when students are examining a literary work, an event in history, or during a conflict resolution lesson.

Below is a listing of all the Pillars of Character, their colors and descriptors.

RESPECT (yellow)  

  • Treat others with respect.
  • Be tolerant of different.
  • Use manners.
  • Be considerate of other’s feelings.
  • Don’t threaten or hurt anyone.
  • Deal peacefully with anger.

CARING (red)  

  • Be kind.
  • Be compassinate and show you care.
  • Say thanks.
  • Forgive others.
  • Help people in need.


  • Be honest.
  • Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.
  • Be reliable -- do what you say you’ll do.
  • Have the courage to do the right thing.
  • Be loyal -- stand by your family.

FAIRNESS (orange)  

  • Play by the rules.
  • Take turns and share.
  • Be open minded, listen to others.
  • Don’t take advantage of others.
  • Don’t blame others.


  • Do what you are supposed to do.
  • Persevere: keep on trying!
  • Always do your best.
  • Use self-control.
  • Think before you act.
  • Be accountable for your choices.


  • Do your share to make your school and community better.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Obey laws and rules.
  • Respect authority.

Riviera Wear has been designed to support the Character Counts program. Each grade level stands for a pillar and their t-shirt color matches that pillar. They are as follows: Kindergarten – orange – Fairness, First grade – red – Caring, Second grade – yellow – Respect, Third grade – purple – citizenship, Fourth grade – green – Responsibility, Fifth grade – blue – Trustworthiness. We ask students to wear these shirts on Monday morning at flag ceremony. If you are unable to purchase a t-shirt, any shirt in the color of your child’s grade level would be appropriate.