Congratulations to all our 2021 PTA Reflections Award Winners!



Adelina Lee, 2nd Grade

1st Place

Title: I can change the world by being kind to animals and taking care of the earth

Artist Statement: I chose taking care of animals because I love animals and they are really nice and we are animals too and we need to treat animals more nicely and we need to do more stuff to make sure the earth is more healthy and doesn't have as much pollution.



Mr. Hick's 4th Grad Class

1st Place

Title: Keeping the Beat

Artist Statement: We can change the world by keeping the beat and having fun with my classmates.



Stella McKown, 2nd Grade

1st Place

Title: I Will Change The World (Lyrics)

Artist Statement: I wrote this song because when I am older I want to change the world. I will be a good person and I want everyone to be happy including the Earth. I hope one day I can change the world!



Yoona Chung, 4th Grade

1st Place

Title: I will Change the World by Thinking Big!

Artist Statement: I am a small and only 9 years old, but I think big. I've realized my shadow is as big as my thoughts and dreams, so I wanted to express this inspiration in my photo. Like this shadow, if I think big, I am sure I can/will change the world!



Jackson Lee, Kindergarten

1st Place

Title: Make a wish

Artist Statement: Let's cool the earth like blowing out candles on a birthday


Billy Guy, Kindergarten

2nd Place

Title: Oh no O-zone

Artist Statement: I can change the world by stopping the heat from the sun ruining our ozone and keep everyone safe!


Rhys Nguyen, Kindergarten

3rd Place

Title: Better World

Artist Statement: The upper part of the umbrella represents a polluted world, and a clean and happy world inside the umbrella.



Juliet Pei, 4th Grade

1st Place

Title: I Can Change the World... One Letter at a Time!

Artist Statement: During the pandemic, I wrote letters to first responders who made sacrifices to keep people healthy and safe. For example, I wrote to firefighters, policemen, doctors, and grocery store workers. Many of them wrote back saying that they really appreciated my notes! It showed me that even though I am a kid, I can still make a difference in people's lives through encouraging them. Kind letters can change the world!


Katie Bell, 3rd Grade

2nd Place

Title: Mother Nature

Artist Statement: I can change the world by planting trees I want help bring clean and fresh air back. And to reduce the smog.


Kris Yoo, 5th Grade

3rd Place

Title: I can change the world by conquering Covid-19!

Artist Statement: If everyone gets vaccinated and wear mask then covid-19 will be gone.



Reimi Tanimura, 2nd Grade

1st Place

Title: Being Kind

Artist Statement: I will change the world by being kind. I think when you are kind, it will make others happy and less angry. I believe being kind to the earth will make it a better place to live. I believe small acts of kindness can make a big difference. I hope my poem will inspire others to be kind.


Billy Guy, Kindergarten

2nd Place

Title: I CAN!

Artist Statement: I can help change the world and make it better!



Juliet Pei, 4th Grade

1st Place

Title: I'm Here to Change a Blind Person's World!

Artist Statement: This is an imaginary tale about the life of a guide dog puppy! I am volunteering to raise a guide dog puppy for at least a year, and the puppy has a chance to change a blind person's world by being a guide. I feel proud when I see a blind person with their guide dog because the dog is connecting them to the world and other people.


Alistair Alty, 3rd Grade

2nd Place

Title: Picking up trash everyday

Artist Statement: I wrote an essay about picking up trash becouse I do not like how trash gos in the ocean sometimes.


Roy Simons, 3rd Grade

3rd Place

Title: Two Butterflies Want To Change The World

Artist Statement: This is a fiction story that tells people to be kind everywhere which will change the world. A monarch and a swallowtail butterfly get into a lot of trouble with a rat. The theme is that kindness changes bad people's world. I used to be a bully but I changed my heart because a lot of people were kind to me.