The Riviera PTA Library is an amazing place to learn!

  • onsite library of approximately 14,000 books
  • available to ALL students at Riviera Elementary School
  • open all school year
  • most classrooms visit the library on a weekly basis
  • students are allowed to check-out 2 books per week

 What makes our library special?

  • students may check out a book that can help them with a class project or with their required reading list

  • older students learn to search the computer database by title, author, and subject, as well

  • all students enjoy having books read to them by the volunteers and then being allowed to take home a book of their own

  • our library is able to provide students with a positive library experience, especially when it can be difficult to visit our public libraries after school or on the weekends

  • all students are able to complete required reading assignments, as well as factual reports

Did you know?  Schools with libraries also have significantly higher test scores than schools without libraries.



The library is PTA-funded, with a book-buying boost from the Scholastic Book Fair.


  • a total of approximately 46 volunteers completely lead and run the library every year
  • 40 volunteers spend 1-2 hours every week checking in books, re-shelving the books, reading to a class, checking out 30-60 books, and sending overdue notices
  • 6 volunteers comprise the "library council" with various duties that take anywhere from 2-30 hours per volunteer per week
  • library council duties include: database maintenance, book repair, book-buying, book processing (dust jackets, labels, barcodes, computer entry), decorations, displays, inventory, lost books, monetary deposits from lost books, coordinating with teachers, coordinating with the administration, attending meetings of the Torrance Council of School Libraries, recruiting volunteers, training volunteers, and vacuuming and cleaning the library. 


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