Principal's Message - February 2019

Principal's Message - February 2019

Greetings Richardson Rattlesnakes:


We have already reached the halfway point in the school year! January’s wet weather presented some challenging days but our students have responded well for the most part. If your child was among the few who ventured into the rain at Snack and Lunch, resulting in a soggy experience the rest of the day, please take a moment to remind him that rain is made of water and generally results in getting wet, and remaining wet, when direct contact is made. If your child is missing that rain jacket that she can’t seem to find in her room, it is a good time to check and see if it’s in our Lost and Found. Great job to all of the students who exercised great patience and self-control throughout the rainy days in spite of not being able to release that excess energy during breaks and PE. Thank you to all of the teachers who opened up their classrooms during Snack and Lunch to give students a warm and dry place to hang out.


A new quarter (and semester) has just started, so this is a great time to revamp your child’s organizational strategies. Please take a moment to sit down with your child to help create a plan for utilizing his/her locker. Yes, students are still allowed to bring their backpacks into class, but these should be streamlined bundles that they are toting around with them rather than giant boulders with straps. Do they need everything in that heavy backpack in every class throughout the day? Probably not. There may be some textbooks your child is carrying around that are not needed every day or even at all during this quarter. Start with your child’s backpack. What is in there? Is everything needed? It should all have a purpose or it should no longer be in the backpack. Go through the binders and notebooks. Remove any unnecessary returned classwork/homework and place it in a designated location at home until the school year is over – just in case it is needed later. Keep the pages of notes in the binders for quick reference, but remove any extra papers that have snuck into this section of the binder. Discuss what textbooks are in the backpack. Determine if any of those books can remain at home. If your child is unsure if the book can remain at home, please have him/her check with the teacher before leaving it there.


As for the last part of this plan, open up your child’s class schedule on PowerSchool and discuss with him what is needed for each class and what can be left in the locker while attending other classes. My suggestion is for your child to plan to stop at her locker four to five times in a day. Before school, organize the backpack to have the necessary supplies for the first two periods. At snack, drop off periods 1 and 2, and pick up what is needed for periods 3 and 4. When lunch begins, stop by the locker and switch out the backpack to what is needed for periods 5 and 6, then leave the backpack in the locker until end of lunch. At the end of lunch, pick up the backpack and head off to 5th period. After school, make one last visit to the locker to gather whatever is needed for that night’s homework. Students will not need their backpacks for PE and some electives, so modify my suggested plan to suit your child’s schedule.


We have a couple of big events coming up in February. The RMS Boys and Girls 8th Grade Volleyball Teams take on our rivals, Calle Mayor, at South High on Tuesday, February 19th. Also, the annual RMS Talent Show takes place in our Cafe on Tuesday, February 26th. Please come out and support our students at either or both of these great events.


RMS Quarter 2/Semester 1 grades will be available online on February 8th and will be sent home at the beginning of the second week of February.  These grades are an indictor of current ability and performance, and also an opportunity to reflect on academic strategies in order to make improvements in whichever classes necessary. 


This Team!


Ian Drummond


Richardson Middle School