Summer Reading!!!

Summer Reading!!!



We love reading over the summer.  Books and your imagination can take you places even if you can't leave the house.

All of us a Magruder will be reading and we invite you to join in. 

Can you read at least two(2) books this summer? We hope you make that a goal.


As an extra bonus, after finishing up your book, you have the option of giving us a 1 minute and 30 second (or less) review.  Tell us what you thought of your book: the good and the bad!!!
We set up a private Flipgrid - only Mrs. Fischer (our Librarian) and your new grade level ELA teachers will see your video.  


Here's what we want to know: 

1. Tell us your name.

2. The book title. 

3. What did you think of the book ? You can tell us anything you want: for example: what you liked or didn't like, type of book it was, favorite part.

4. Would you recommend it to someone else?


Here are your links to FlipGrid. You will need to sign in using your school google account and usual Password.  Choose the grade level you will be in when school starts in August.

6th grade Flipgrid

7th Grade Flipgrid

8th Grade Flipgrid

If you have any questions on where to find some good books or doing your book review please email Mrs. Fischer at



Here are some great suggestions for books to read from the TUSD English teachers.  Click here to see the book list.