Enrichment Electives - Grade 6

All sixth graders participate in what we call the Elective Wheel which provides four different quarter long courses which may include:

  • Public Speaking

  • Health

  • Geography

  • Keyboarding/Computer Skills

Other Enrichment Electives

Opportunities to explore various activities in Fine Arts, Journalism, Contemporary Issues, Finance/Personal Life Skills.  Students in Grades 7 and 8 have several choices for Enrichment Electives.  


Liam Gachuz- Teacher, Rm 11
Students become journalists through the practice of interviewing, writing, and website creation.  


Contemporary Issues, grades 7-8

Lindsey Wooldridge - Teacher, Rm 16
Students explore the world through current events and create philanthropic projects to understand issues important to the global community.

Fine Arts - grades 7-8

Evan Snow - Teacher, Rm 25
Students explore the world of art including as creative writing, digital media skills, art and music history.

Allison Snider - Teacher, Rm 1
Students develop their artistic skills through various mediums including visual arts, painting, drawing, and craft making.

Life Skills, Finance & Art (Life Management) - grades 6-8

Sharon Thompson - Teacher, Rm 15
Students practice skills important to navigating personal life as they mature including how to manage personal finances and maintain personal balance through art and other life skills.