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Become a member of Lincoln Elementary PTA! Get involved, volunteer, and connect with your school.  For more information, contact your PTA staff.

What is PTA
PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association (yes, not everyone knows that) and Lincoln PTA is part of California State PTA (, which is California’s largest children’s advocacy association, as  well as National PTA (, started over 120 years ago to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. PTAs involve parents, support teachers, organize volunteers, improve school communication, generate funding, utilize community resources, and boost children’s well-being. 

Who Is on the PTA Board and Basically What Do They Do?
Our PTA board is made up of the School Principal, one or two Teacher Representatives, and the following PTA officers: the President who oversees the board and attends a lot of meetings to be a voice for our school; the 1 st VP (Vice President), who coordinates programs and arranges our special assemblies like the really cool last-day-of-school one; the 2 nd VP, who oversees ways and means (a fancy way to describe fundraising) and coordinates our Fun Run; the 3 rd VP, who recruits, organizes and supports our awesome volunteers who do so much on our campus for the sheer joy of doing it ; the 4th VP, who is in charge of hospitality, which basically means being a welcome wagon in the guise of one person; the Historian, who keeps a record of what we’re doing; the Recording Secretary, who takes notes and types up the minutes of every meeting; the Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Auditor, who track our spending, make sure our checks balance, and keep us financially on top of
things; the Corresponding Secretary, who deals with correspondence; the Parliamentarian, who has the super exciting job of knowing both parliamentary procedure and our bylaws; and Committee Chairpersons.

These are basic descriptions of the officers; more complete descriptions can be found at PTA’s Purpose

The purpose of our PTA is simple: to better the life of each and every Lincoln student. PTA members voluntarily work hard to provide programs and provisions for our students. PTA parents and teachers do not get paid for any of their PTA-related work and services but volunteer their time and energy to help our students achieve their full potential, whether it’s through special assemblies, field trips, art classes, weeklong celebrations, class volunteers, or any of the other PTA-sponsored programs here at Lincoln.

PTAs Role at Lincoln
At Lincoln, our PTA board has a very close, trusting relationship with the administration and faculty (which is not always the case at other schools) and this results in many joint endeavors and two-way support for programs. In fact, on the day before school officially starts the PTA board provides lunch for the teachers and staff who are already there prepping –this helps everyone start off the school year with a good taste in their mouth (literally!) and reflects the encouraging, supportive, collaborative atmosphere we have in which students can thrive. Our kids are not just taught the importance of teamwork but are witness to it all the time on campus.

PTA Money—Where Does It Go?
You may be wondering why the PTA keeps asking for money via restaurant fundraisers, basket raffles, food sales, and (our biggest fundraiser) the Fun Run. It’s simple: things cost money—and PTA funds pay for refreshments at school events, bottled water and snacks for the Fun Run, Paws on Art supplies for all students, buses for field trips, books for the library, yearbook payments, yearbook cover contest prizes, game booth prizes, special assembly fees, food for Winterfest, snow for Winterfest, cake and other supplies for Honorary Service Awards (HSA) Night, trifold display boards for STEAM Fair participants, as well as many other event, contest, and school activities. 

Help Us Grow!

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We invite every parent, teacher, and neighbor to join the PTA, as we all work together to make Lincoln Elementary the very best it can be for all our students. 

Joining is as easy as 1,2,3.....

  1. Put member's name on an envelope.
  2. Include $10.00 per member in the envelope with CASH or CHECK  
    (please make check payable to LINCOLN ELEMENTARY PTA).
  3.  Return the envelope to the office.

​​It's that easy. Our goal this year is to have 100% participation. We're asking for each student to bring in a membership.

Here are a few reasons why.... PTA members make a difference by helping to advance local and national legislation and laws that improve the education, health, and safety of all our children.

PTA members perks are available at OFFICE DEPOT, ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL, YOOBI, AQUARIUM of the PACIFIC and more. PTA is uniquely qualified to influence policy makers, as it is the oldest and largest advocacy organization in California. 

Did you know?
Without the PTA, assemblies, art programs, student incentives, teacher incentives just to name a few, would no longer exist here at Lincoln? That's why your membership and support is so important!

So please, fill out the membership and with a check/ cash for $10.00. If you don't have a form or envelope,  please stop by the school office and they will provide you with one there.

Thank you so much from all our Lincoln students past, present, and future!