It is imporant that we adhere to Torrance Unified School District's flyer policies. Please read TUSD's flyer policies here. 


What is Peachjar?
Peachjar is a digital flyer management system.  Peachjar sends approved flyers directly to parents’ email inboxes, and posts them online on school websites. With Peachjar, parents can easily find and view flyers, or immediately  sign up for activities and events. All flyers may be accessed by clicking on the Peachjar button.


What are the benefits to using digital flyers?

  • keeps parents informed about school activities and community events/resources, and allows them to register, sign up immediately
  • saves trees by reducing the amount of paper printed
  • reduces copy costs by thousands of dollars
  • removes the administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers of making copies and stuffing backpacks


I'm a Chairperson, what do I need to know about Peachjar?

If you are creating a flyer for a PTA event, please follow the guidelines below: 

  • Mandatory Flyer Dimensions:
    • 8.5" x 11" 
    • Portrait Orientation
    • 1-4 pages in length
    • Under 50 MB in file size
    • 12pt minimum font size
    • Note: Links embedded in the flyer PDF are not supported
  • Flyer Approval Process:
    Flyers must be sent by email to Principal Castleberry on a Monday to be approved by Tuesday. If your flyer is approved by the principal and TUSD, your flyer will be viewable on Peachjar the  following Monday.  ***Please send your email at least 2 weeks prior to advertising on Peachjar. ***
  • Who should you email?
    • Please send your flyer for approval to Principal Castleberry and your PTA President (Jeannine Watanabe) and "cc" and the Peachjar chair (Claire Taniguchi). 

Once your flyer has been successfully posted on Peachjar, Tammy Nakanishi will email you. 


If you need to be reimbursed for purchases made for a PTA event or fundraiser, please complete the reimbursement form in the office.  You will the form in the PTA pigeon box. You may leave the reimbursement for with receipt attached in the PTA box. 

Chair Positions 2022 - 2023

Interested in chairperson position? Please contact us, we are in need of chair people! We will provide training and mentorship to help you run your position successfully. There are always volunteers to help organize all events and fundrasiers with you. Email us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

Title Name Email
5th Grade Activities 5th Grade Committee


4th Grade Activities OPEN


Art Club

John Covey  
Assemblies Melissa Brown  
Bike Rodeo OPEN  
Book Fair Tracy Mura  
Book-It Jen Komiyama  
Box Tops Rosell Dessert  
Chorus OPEN  
Classroom Rewards OPEN  
Cyber-Linc (now Peachjar- Community Emails) Claire Taniguchi  
Directory Jeannine Watanabe  
Family Picnic 4th Grade Committee  
Field Trips OPEN  
Fun Run Angelica Oliveira  
Garden Club CLOSED  
Heroes Week Jeannine Watanabe  
Health and Welfare Angelica Oliveira  
Honorary Service OPEN  
Library Tracy Mura  
Membership Tracy Mura  
Newsletter OPEN  
Paws on Art OPEN  
Purple Ribbon Week Tammy Nakanishi  
Literacy Week Vicky Miyashiro  
Red Ribbon Week Jeannine Watanabe  
Reflections Sandra Low  
Restaurant Fundraisers Jeannine Watanabe  
Scholarships Melissa Brown  
Social Media Jeannine Watanabe & Claire Taniguchi  
Spirit Wear (t-shirts) Erin Osaka  
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Jen Komiyama  
Student Recognition OPEN  
Website  Claire Taniguchi
Winterfest WinterFest Committee  


Sandra Low

PTA Email: