Student Wish List

The Reading Room
Lion Den Rules

The reading room is still in need of many books. The students have created a wishlist of books they would like to read. If you would like to make a donation and help our young readers, please drop off your donation to the school office. Please address the book(s) to Mrs. Etherington/Reading Room Donation. Thank you from all the students.

Book Title Author Series Topic Donated
I survived        
Secret Kingdoms        
School for Good and Evil        
Dog Books        
Peppa Pig Books        
Goosebumps   Yes    
Windtalkers (Code Talker)        
Wonder (Not a Series)        
Hidie Heldbeck        
Warriors Erin Hunter Yes    
Dog Man        
Fancy Nancy        
Humphrey the Hamster   Yes    
Race the Wild        
Warriors Cats   Yes    
Stick Dog