School Information


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Although proper supervision is one of our top priorities, accidents do happen. Please be aware that Torrance Unified School District does not carry any medical insurance policy to cover accidents that occur during school hours. You may arrange for your own accident or medical insurance by completing the attached application and mailing it directly to the insurance company, or you may use your own insurance policy. Please sign and return the bottom portion of the insurance information letter to the school, but do not return the application to the school, please mail it directly to the insurance company.

Contacting Your Child's Teacher

We urge you to contact your child's teacher whenever you feel the need. Teachers may be reached by calling (310) 533-4464 x3200. Teachers will be happy to discuss school-related issues involving your child(ren). If problems develop in class involving your child, please contact the teacher first for more information and/or help. We want to develop a strong parent/teacher partnership for every child so that all can succeed.


Telephone Calls

Telephone calls home are primarily for emergency purposes. All other calls home will be handled on a case by case basis. Please help your child(ren) remember to bring needed items to school with them in the morning. Your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Student Safety

The safety and welfare of our students is a major concern of parents and the school. The following guidelines can be of much value in creating a safe environment for your child. Please discuss the following safety guidelines with your child(ren) today:

  • A continuing problem each year is "lost" children who go to someone else's home before getting permission from their parents. Kids should always go home first to get permission from a parent or guardian to go to a friend's house. Please make sure that these arrangements are made before coming to school. Students will not be allowed to use the school phone to make social arrangements; again, phone use is primarily for emergency situations.

  • When going to and from school, children should choose a definite route and use it each day. The parents should know this route. As a matter of safety, don't pick a route that isolates a child from the mainstream of student traffic.

  • When coming to school or returning home from school, students are strongly encouraged to walk with other children. Students walking alone are more apt to be approached by strangers. Any child approached by a stranger should report the incident to the principal immediately upon arrival at school. If a child is approached on the weekend, Torrance Police Department should be notified immediately at (310) 320-2611.

  • ​On the days a child is late for school; if possible, the parent should accompany the child to school for safety reasons. Students entering late must check into the office to get a Tardy Admit Slip to be admitted to class.
  • ​Children must be picked up immediately after dismissal time.



We invite your questions regarding school matters. Please feel free to inquire about areas of concern regarding your child(ren). Many written communications will be sent home with students. Please help us impress upon them the importance of all school notices getting home in a neat and complete manner. You will receive a communications packet on Tuesday of each school week via email. The marquee and outside bulletin boards will also offer dates and times of upcoming meetings, events and activities.



Our staff holds high standards of conduct for all students. We expect safe, responsible and respectful behavior at all times and will depend upon your cooperation should a discipline issue arise. Lincoln implements a progressive discipline policy that promotes positive behavior, accountability and good decision-making. All discipline matters are handled with care and consideration of each child's individual needs and/or circumstances.