Library Policies

The purpose of the PTA Library is to offer a convenient source of reading material for our children. The library will encourage good reading habits and provide the children with an opportunity to select books. They will also gain the experience of being responsible for checking out books and returning them on time.

Borrowing Information
Students will be able to check out (1) book each week. If a student finished reading their book before the due date, he/she can return the book back to the library and check out another book. This book will have the same due date.

Books can be renewed two (2) times only. If a student wishes to renew their book, they must bring the book back to the library so it can be renewed. Cartoons (graphics), origami, drawing books, joke books, and visual books (example: I SPY or Magic Eye) can only be checked out once. Also, books that are on reserved cannot be renewed. There might be other students waiting for the same book.

On the 1st Notice, only students will have 2 days to return their book to the library without paying fines. After a 2-day grace period, the fine is 25 cents per week. If a student is sick, he/she should return their book back to the library once they return to school. All overdue books should be returned to the library. Do not leave it in the classroom. If an overdue book is left in the classroom and returned the day the whole class comes in, it will be considered overdue and the student will have to pay a fine.

Lost or Damaged Items Checked Out at the Library
Parents (not the students) are responsible to pay for any lost or damaged book. Example of Replacement Cost: Cost or Book + Weekly Fines. Because the weekly fines increase every week, the longer you wait to pay for the materials, the higher the price. Note: If the book/item is lost or damaged and you need to write our a check (Lincoln PTA), just pay for the Replacement Cost. Fines should be paid separately in cash. If the lost book is found later, the cost of the book is refunded to you.

Permission Slip
New students will receive a Permission Slip that will need a parent or guardian signature. The Permission Slip must be returned to the school prior to checking out books.

View and Print Permission Slip