How To: Technology at Home

How To: Technology at Home

Online Educational Programs at Lincoln Elementary
To access school-purchased software programs as well as programs we deem safe, students need to login via their Clever account at school and at home.

These are some of the programs that students can access through their Clever account:

1. ST Math (all grades)
2. RAZ kids (primary grades)
3. Starfall (TK/Kinder - full program available only while at school)
4. Google drive for access to etusd, student email, docs, sheets, slides etc.
5. Online Textbook access

To access the Clever account, students must use:
1. Their 7-digit (For example,
2. Their password, which is a 7-digit ID and 2 capital letters. (For example, 1234567AB) Make sure you are using the shift key for the letters.

Accessing Learning Apps through Clever
Students may access ST MAth, RAZ Kids, Starfall, and other learning apps by logging in through their Clever account, both at school and at home. A picture password is no longer needed to access ST MAth. They must access it through Clever. The Clever site for your school district is:

Note: If you are a returning user, follow step 1 below then select your account from the google sign-in page to continue to Clever.

Step 1. Open up your browser and go to: 
Or you can click here to access CLEVER 

Step 2. Click: Log in with Google

Step 3: When you see the login screen, type in student's email address (7-digit

Step 4: Type in student's password: The password is 7-digit and 2 CAPITAL letters.

Step 5: Once you click Next, your Clever app will open. Scroll up or down to the icon you have been asked to use. Click on the icon to open it. 
(If you receive an error message and are unable to open the Clever application, check you have entered your information correctly or see Troubleshooting Common Errors below).


Important! Exiting ST Math:  Student must exit ST Math correctly for progress to be saved. To exit, click the red arrows in the lower left-hand corner until they become a red X. Then click the red to save. 


Troubleshooting Common Errors

1. Turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser as well as all programs that will open in a new window.

2. "Enable" or "Allow" Abode Flash to run in your browser. ST Math will not run without Adobe Flash. 
     Adobe Flash is needed for some applications in Clever. If you do not have Adobe Flash, follow the steps below:

    Adobe Flash which is needed for some applications in Clever
     Click here to check if Flash Player is installed on your computer.
                                        Click on the orange CHECK NOW button. If you have Adobe Flash, you'll see a green check mark. If you don't, please follow the steps below for Flash installation.

     Click here for Flash Download for Chrome 
                                       Uncheck Optional  Offers if not needed then click DOWNLOAD  FLASH PLAYER . 
                                        Follow Steps to complete download:
                                       1.  To proceed, open your download folder and locate the Adobe Flash Player installer file.
                                       2.  Double-click on the installer to complete the installation.

3. Students must "Log In with Google" using their etusd student email address to get into Clever. It is their 7-digit Many leave off the @ sign.

4. Student passwords are their 7-digit ID + 2 CAPITAL letters. Make sure you are using the SHIFT key for the letters.

5. If you are logged into another google account on your browser, you will need to log out of that account first.

6. The iPad must have both the Clever app and ST Math app installed to work.

7. A Kindle needs to use the web browser for both Clever and ST Math, This is the same as a desktop computer.

Need Technical Help?  
For help call Rob Johnson at 310-972-6463 or Phil Bucy at 310-972-6462 for any assistance to troubleshoot issues logging into

Need FREE Internet Access?
Charter will provide free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi up to 100 Mbps, for households that do not already have a subscription. Installation fees will also be waived.
To enroll for Charter’s service, call 844-488-8395. For Comcast’s call 855-846-8376 or go to
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