GATE Identification & Assessment Information Update

Gate identification & assessment update

Update as of 01/28/21:

GATE testing remains postponed pending further both direction from the Department of Public Health and due to the accountability needed for in-person assessment. Current waivers for on-site assessing of special populations does not include GATE testing at this time.  Administration for GATE testing has different technical and proctoring requirements than MAP testing, which is why remote, online testing cannot take place and there is the need to wait until in-person assessment can be conducted.  Part of the Governor’s recent reopening orders provide for third grade students to return to school. This return is pending the decline of COVID cases at a low enough point that additional grade levels may return safely to campuses. Only then would we look at the feasibility of GATE testing. Once we are able to safely administer GATE testing on-site, we will ensure current third grade students have an opportunity to participate in initial identification testing, in addition to retesting for eligible fourth or fifth grade students.