Hull hosts Kindness Week!

two students stand side by side, holding a poem and a drawing, as well as AirPods

Hull Middle School held the second annual Kindness Week on February 11-14, 2020. Students engaged in activities during homeroom and lunch each day of the week, including the Human Knot and Beach Balls and Bubbles Day on the field. The week centered on kindness and connectedness to self, others, and our campus. Students “voted” for a genre of music to be played on No One Eats Alone Day by throwing trash in bins labeled with different genres. (Hip Hop won!) To close the amazing week, winners of our “Kindness Is” essay and art contest were announced. Out of over 100 contest entries, eighth graders Robert Walker and Samantha Weideman (pictured above) won with their poem and artwork. Both winners took home AirPods!