Here at Hickory, we are proud of our community and the effort that they put in to make Hickory A Place in the Sun for Everyone. To ensure our student's safety all classroom visitors/volunteers, you will need to follow the steps below.


Volunteer and Visitor Guidelines and Procedures

1. You will need to complete a Volunteer Application/Agreement form, which is available in the school office and in the link below. 


2. When the packet has been completed, you must present a state-issued ID or driver’s license to be screened through RAPTOR Visitor Management System. Passports are not accepted. 


3. You will need to provide documentation of a negative tuberculosis (TB) test. 


Please plan to complete all the necessary forms in advance of the time you anticipate visiting/volunteering in a classroom.


Signing in at the office

All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office and obtain a visitor or volunteer badge each time you visit the campus. Badges should be visible at all times while on campus so that students and staff can identify those who have been authorized to be on campus. 


Scheduling a time to volunteer

Please make sure to schedule your volunteering time in advance with the teacher so that she/he is prepared for your arrival. 


 Volunteer applications will not be processed on the day of the event.  


Volunteer Application Form

TB Questionaire and Assessment