School Activities

Music Instruction (instrumental)

Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 are eligible to receive instruction in instrumental music. We have an Instrumental Music teacher who serves the school on a part time basis.

Student Council

At Hickory, we have an active Student Council; new officers are elected twice a year. The Council's sponsor is Sharon Poling, a Hickory teacher who guides the Council in coordinating and implementing special events. Some of the events held in previous years have been Twin/Triplet Day, Sports Day, and Teachers vs. Kids Kickball/Basketball. Special announcements about these activities will be sent home periodically. Watch for them and encourage your child to participate.

S.T.E.A.M. Fair

The Hickory S.T.E.A.M Fair, held in March, includes participation of all students and encourages them to explore, share ideas, invent and problem solve. The S.T.E.A.M Fair projects can be done with parent supervision, but parents should not singlehandedly do the projects.

Winners attend theS.T.E.A.M Science Fair in April.

Student Showcase

In the Spring, Hickory will sponsor a “Student Showcase”. This is an amazing opportunity for parents to focus on student achievement. Students will have the opportunity to share their academic accomplishments with their parents. Teachers and students will display student work, projects, and presentations that students have worked on throughout the year. We are excited to give students the chance to articulate and share with their parents what they have learned.

We will be combining our “Student Showcase” with our “Lunch with Someone Special” days. All parents will be invited to join their child/children for lunch on our school grounds from 12:30-1:30.   Our students have the opportunity to invite that special someone(s) in their lives (i.e. parents, grandparents, or anyone else) to lunch at Hickory.  Students and their guests enjoy each others' company on a blanket under the trees.  Teachers will open the classrooms for the “Student Showcase” from 1:30-3:12.

Trashbusters – Campus Clean Up Class of the week

This program is designed to keep our school looking clean and encourages students to be proud of their school. As an incentive, hard working Trashbusters will be rewarded at weekly flag assemblies with prizes donated by the PTA and other business sources.

Trashbusting is not a punishment at Hickory. It is a privilege given to our students who are proud to clean our campus.