All K-5 students receive two Standards Based Report Cards during the year; one at the of each semester. Report card citizenship marks are affected by classroom and playground behaviors.

MID-TRIMESTER PROGRESS NOTIFICATION: Mid-trimester progress notes are sent home with all students to appraise parents of areas of strength and those needing improvement. A special effort will be made by each teacher to provide the reasons for any concerns. This is done so parents can give their child support toward improvement.

Standards Based Report Cards

Information from Torrance Unified School District on SBRC:
Standards Based Report Cards are one way of reporting on student performance. With the new SBRCs, teachers report the progress of students on several areas for subjects such as Language Arts and Mathematics, using Achievement Level marks. 

3 Proficient or Meets Standard

The student’s academic performance consistently demonstrates knowledge and application of standards taught during the trimester.

2 Basic or Approaching Standard

The student’s academic performance partially demonstrates knowledge of grade level standards taught during the trimester. The student is approaching the grade level standards but may be at risk of retention.

1 Below Basic/Far Below Basic or Below Standard

The student’s academic progress demonstrates limited knowledge of grade level standards taught during the trimester. Progress indicates the student may not achieve mastery by the end of the year. The student is at risk of retention.

NA Not Assessed

The content standard was not assessed during the trimester.

NM No Mark

The content standard could not be fully evaluated during the trimester. 34

These Achievement Level marks reflect the student’s performance on the California State Content Standards. Performance is determined by teacher evaluation of mastery of specific content standards. This includes quality of work, quantity of work, application of skills, and originality of work. Grade level standards describe the academic skills, knowledge, and abilities that students are expected to master in a trimester or by the end of the school year. 

Effort and Citizenship Marks:

Teachers use the the same marks for effort and citizenship. For effort, these grades describe the student’s overall ability to complete a classroom task in a given time, turn in homework and assignments on time, make a good effort on his or her work, and have a good attitude about learning. For citizenship, these grades describe the student’s ability to follow class and school rules, as well as, interacting appropriately with his or her peers. Students should display an attitude that is helpful and friendly.