School Spirit

The school colors are royal blue and white. Our Mascot is the Hickory Hound. Remember that Mondays and Fridays are “Spirit Day” at Hickory. We encourage you to wear your Hickory Class T-shirts, Hickory T-shirts or sweatshirts.

The Hickory Alma Mater

By Carrie & Mandy Fontaine

Underlined words are shouted, as in a cheer, not sung.

Girls and boys to-gether
Strong, like a tree
Blue and white for-ever,
We’re Hick-o-ry!

Our tea-chers will guide us,
On to vic-to-ry
We’re H-I-C-K-O-R-Y!
We’re Hick-o-ry! (Hounds!)
A place in the sun for every-one
We’re Hicko-ry! (Hickory Hounds!)

PAWS Pledge

Proud to be a hound
Attitude is everything
We are creative and confident
Share, Shine, Succeed