Library Homework Centers

The Torrance Public Library has many services and resources to help with homework including homework centers, homework helpers, and live homework help!

Homework Centers

Torrance Public Library offers Homework Centers that are designed to support the needs of independent students and the curriculum of the Torrance Unified School District and other local education agencies. Homework Centers are a library-based service for students in grades K-12. The various services provided reflect Torrance Public Library's commitment to partner with the students, parents, and educators of Torrance.

There are three Homework Centers - the Friends of the Torrance Library Homework Center at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library, the Torrance Public Library Foundation Homework Center at the Southeast Library, and opening in September 2010 the ExxonMobil Homework Center at the North Torrance Library. Each Homework Center has the following components:

Computers and Software Homework Center computers include Microsoft Office, Internet access, and color printing. They are reserved for students with a juvenile Torrance Library card, and limited homework printing is free.

Textbooks Torrance Unified School District textbooks for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades 4-8 are available for use in the Library.

Library Resources Torrance Public Library offers many resources for homework and research. These include: Books, Magazines, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Thesaurus, Suggested Reading Lists, and Online Databases. 

School Supplies Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies. However, the Homework Center has limited quantities of common supplies needed to complete assignments.

Homework Helpers

Homework Helpers Volunteers are available during select hours to help students successfully complete their homework assignments. Please check with the Library to determine when and where Homework Helpers are scheduled, and bring a specific homework assignment, project, or test to be completed.

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