Volunteers and School Visitors


There are many activities throughout the year where volunteers are a necessity. Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, library and at school events. Contact your child’s teacher to see how you can assist. If you have a special interest or area of expertise that you would like to share with our students, contact the school office. All volunteers who participate at school on a regular basis must:

1. Fill out a volunteer form.

2. Agree to and sign the TUSD Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement

3. Show photo id and be screened through the RAPTOR Visitor Management System

4. Have certification of a recent negativeTB skin test on file in the school office.

Adults are not allowed to use student restrooms. Please use the facilities in the Volunteer Room upstairs in the main building.

Parents who work or cannot be at school may be able to help out with at-home projects. For more information contact the PTA President or Volunteer Coordinator (fernptavolunteer@gmail.com).

Volunteers And School Visitors

The Torrance Unified School District requires that individuals having legitimate and relevant school business who wish to enter or remain on school grounds must first:

  1. Sign in at the office.
  2. Show photo id and have that photo ID screened through the RAPTOR Visitor Management Systemto obtain a Volunteer or Visitors sticker. This sticker will include date and time of visit as well as the classroom to be visited. This individual must also return the sticker and sign out at the office upon leaving campus. Loitering in or nearby a public school is prohibited by law. This would include school age friends or relatives loitering off campus before or after school. (State penal Code 6530)