School Traffic & Safety

Dropping Off Children

Valet service is provided by parent volunteers for morning “drop off” from 8:35 to 8:50 a.m. The designated area for the service is on Fern Avenue, between the main building and the annex. Parent volunteers and fifth grade students will be on Fern Avenue to assist children getting out of the car. If you are interested in helping with the valet service, please call the school office. Please note the only gates that will be open in the morning are between the annex building and the main building on Fern Avenue. Use the crosswalks when crossing Fern Avenue or El Dorado Street.  We are lucky to have crossing guards to keep our students safe. Please observe all posted parking signs and traffic laws.

Picking Up Children

Please discuss and decide as a family where the designated pick up point will be for your child/children. There are plenty of parking spaces along the curb around Greenwood Park and also on Elm Street (the east side of school). There is no parking on the school side of Fern Avenue at dismissal. Traffic congestion is a dangerous problem in front of the school at dismissal times. Never double (or triple) park in the street to pick up your child, and do use the crosswalks. We need every parent, guardian and adult to cooperate with us on this issue. The safety of Fern children depends on all of us. Please pick up students on time. Children not picked up by 3:12 pm may be picked up in the main office.

Rainy Day Procedures

On rainy days, students should go directly to their classroom. 

Bike Riding

Students in grade 3 – 5 may ride bikes to school at their own risk. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle area and locked individually. No skateboards, roller-skates or scooters will be permitted. Children must wear helmets and observe the same crossing regulations as pedestrians.

Campus Safety And Security

In order to ensure maximum safety and security of the Fern School grounds, all gates will be locked by 8:50 a.m. each day. Gates will be opened at each dismissal time to allow students to leave school by the most direct route from their classroom.

Guidelines for use of Valet Service

Our office is open on all school days from 8:20 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION BEGINS AT 8:35 A.M. for grades K through 5. PLEASE DO NOT BRING CHILDREN TO SCHOOL BEFORE 8:35 A.M., AS THERE IS NO SUPERVISION. Siblings, younger or older, are not permitted to remain on the playground due to liability issues. Please drop your student off on the playground to play and socialize with classmates. All family members are asked to leave campus at 8:35 A.M. with the first bell. Continue to pick up your child on time. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  

Wanted: Valet Service Volunteers

Can you spare 15 minutes, just one day per month? We’ll take it!!!

If everyone that ever had to use our valet service gave only this much of their time, it would go a long way towards making a safer environment for all our students getting to school in the morning.

We need volunteers!

Ready to sign up, or have some questions?
Please contact Fern Elementary – (310) 533-4506

School must be safe for all students if learning is to take place. No person has the right to deprive another of an education and feeling safe from harm. Our school district, from the Board of Education to every employee, is dedicated to this concept. We must enforce a policy of Zero Tolerance that means the following violations will result in immediate SUSPENSION and EXPULSION from the Torrance Unified School District:

  • Possession of a firearm (including imitation firearms)
  • Brandishing a knife
  • Sale of a controlled substance
  • Committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or battery
  • Harassing, threatening or intimidating a witness

In addition, the following violations will result in immediate SUSPENSION and a determination of further action, which may result in EXPULSION proceedings

  • Serious physical injury to others
  • Assault or battery upon any school employee
  • Possession of knives, explosives or other dangerous objects
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Robbery or extortion
  • Terrorist threats against school officials or school property or both
  • Possession or use of a laser pointer

Sexual harassment is a violation of the California Education Code and Civil Rights Act of 1964. “Sexual Harassment” means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by any student in the district. The district has developed a policy that strongly condemns, opposes and prohibits sexual harassment of students, whether physical or environmental, by anyone in or from the district. Any student who engages in sexual harassment of any student in or from the district may be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion. The policy defines an informal and formal complaint process which students can follow if they feel they have been a victim of sexual harassment. Further information is available in the school office.

The district is committed to keeping schools and offices free from disruptions and preventing unauthorized persons from entering school or district grounds and/or disrupting school activities.   The Torrance Unified School District expects positive and civil communication between staff, students, parents and the community and discourages volatile, hostile or aggressive behaviors that cause fear, intimidation and/or disruptions.

  • The use of profanity, obscene or threatening language or loud or inflammatory language which may reasonably cause disruption or violent reactions is prohibited between staff, parents, students and community while on school grounds or during school activities. The prohibition includes phone conversations, letters, memoranda or e-mails. 

  • An individual who disrupts or threatens to disrupt school or office operations, threatens the health or safety of students or staff, willfully causes property damage, uses loud or inflammatory language which can reasonably be expected to lead to substantial disruption or provoke a violent reaction shall be directed to leave the district property or activity promptly by the site administrator or his/her designee.

  • Employees are directed to end all conversations , whether by phone, in writing, or e-mail with individuals who continue to violate these procedures after the employee notifies the individual(s) of the violation. The employee shall provide a written report of the incident to the administrator in charge of the site or activity, or his/her designee. (CA Ed code 44811)

Education Codes

Title 5, Section 4622 requires pupils to conform to school regulations; be diligent in study and be respectful to teachers and others in authority; and refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language on the way to and from school, on the playgrounds or during recess.

If a situation arises in which the environment is unsafe for students to be outside, we will “Shelter in Place.” This may be triggered by a variety of incidents including chemical releases, hazardous materials, noxious odors, police or fire related incidents.   

  • Ring “Shelter in Place” signal (one long, two short, repeated) and or announce over the all-call system. If time permits, place a “Sheltering in Place” sign at the entrance of the school
  • Students and staff clear the fields and playground immediately and report to classrooms
  • Close and lock all doors and windows to the outside
  • Tape doors and windows to make air tight, turn off air-conditioning and exhaust fans
  • Close blinds over windows and stay away from external windows
  • Students and visitors coming to school during a sheltering should report to the office
  • When the incident commander notifies the administrator that the incident has subsided, ring the all-clear bell

A “Lock-Down” occurs when there is any kind of presence on campus that might compromise the safety of our students. Our “Lock-Down” procedures are similar except that the windows and doors do not need to be taped. In both actions, we call the classrooms to keep the teachers posted on the status of the event.

Fern Elementary maintains an Emergency/Disaster Preparedness plan in the office. The school is equipped with emergency medical supplies, water and various types of needed equipment and tools. An emergency radio is also connected to the Torrance Fire Department, allowing us to stay informed of any emergency situation in the city that would affect our school. Staff members and volunteers are trained to administer First Aid and CPR. Disaster drills are held regularly throughout the school year to practice established emergency procedures.

Student Disaster/Emergency Kit

Every Child at Fern Elementary needs to be prepared for any emergency. We are no longer accepting homemade kits. All kits must be purchased through the PTA due to space constraints with larger class sizes. Previously purchased kits are acceptable, they just need to be updated with the following items: family picture, change of clothes, and any medications with written instructions. Return completed kit to the student’s classroom teacher. Each student is required to have an Emergency Kit at school at all times.    Your child’s name should be printed on the bag in bold letters. Kits should be purchased through the PTA and are good for 5 years. Kits will include:  

  • 6 pouches of water*
  • 1 –Mayday Food Rations Bar*
  • 1 – 12 hour light stick
  • 1 – Emergency Blanket 52”x 84”

*The perishable items in this kit are guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 5 years. You can use the same kit for 5 years after purchase and then replace perishable items (water, bar and light stick) by purchasing 5th grade update. Therefore, lasting your child’s entire time at Fern.   Emergency Kits or Emergency Kit order forms are due by the end of September and will be returned at the end of the school year.