Edison's STEAM Fair is Thursday, April 5th, 2018!

Edison students are invited to practice their Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math skills by creating a project for the STEAM fair. This year's theme is: "What do you wonder about?"

This approach is based on the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) where students are encouraged to focus not just on results, but on their process, one that includes trial and error, divergent thinking, dynamic problem solving and plenty of perseverance.

This year, all students wishing to enter a project in the fair must complete and turn in a Project Proposal and Approval Form to their teacher by Friday, March 23rd. Additionally, project guidelines vary from grade to grade, and only projects created by individual students may be entered for judging. (Team projects have been eliminated this year.) Student project guidelines may be downloaded using the links on this page. Grade levels are suggested as age-appropriate levels for projects, however, if a student would like to do a project that would be categorized as a higher grade-level than their own, they may do so. Students that submit a project from a category that is lower than their grade-level will not be judged.

The winning projects in each category will be entered in the District's STEAM Fair on April 12th!

TK / K / 1st Grade

Focus: Science and Math

2nd / 3rd Grade

Focus: Science and Engineering

4th / 5th Grade Scientific Thinking and
Experimental Design

Focus: Science, Technology,

Engineering, Art, and Math

STEAM Fair Overview Project Proposal / Approval Form