Kids Heart Challenge
(formerly Jump Rope for Heart)

The Kids Heart Challenge is held at schools across the country, delivering heart-healthy physical activity and service learning through the American Heart Association. This year, Edison's Kid Heart Challenge will be held on Monday, February 14th. Our goal this year is to raise $8,000 to help kids with special hearts! Click here to sign up and see the school's leaderboard for this event!

We are excited to bring our school community together in a fun way, with a ROAD TRIP theme, to rally around physical and mental wellness. Students will learn how to have happy and healthy hearts, they will be challenged to get active, and we’ll all learn how we can help others with special hearts and help provide healthy food access to local families who need it most.

This year, students can earn the following incentives:

  • Any student who raises $150+ = Captain KHC Keychain
  • Grade with most students to complete Finn’s Mission = Grade Level Picnic Party
  • 150 Students Registered = Lunch Dance Party
  • 200 Students Registered = Extra Recess
  • 250 Students Registered = Silly String Principal
  • Top Fundraiser gets a special prize!

Thank you for supporting our school and this life-saving program! Your donations to the American Heart Association will make a big difference for families like Alexa’s! Watch the video to learn more about Alexa's story. Don’t forget to keep your heart happy and healthy all year!

Thank you for your support!

Watch the video to learn about Alexa and how the Kids Heart Challenge helps kids like her with special hearts!

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