Emergency Information

Online Emergency Card

All emergency contacts for parents are online. Parents are required to register annually through Powerschool beginning August 1st.   Instead of completing multiple cards for multiple children, parents will simply go online to complete all of the information in one place. In order to complete the Online Emergency Card, you will need to sign on to Powerschool using your Pin and Password. Kindergarten and new student parents will receive their pin and password in the mail during the summer.  If you did not receive them, please contact the office. Directions for reviewing this important information will be available in the office. It is important that parents complete this registration process annually so that the school can have the most up-to-date emergency information for your child.

Emergency Notification

Parent Notification:

Parents will be notified by text/email in the event of an emergency.  Please wait until information is received before coming to pick up your child.  All students will need to be signed-out by a parent or someone who is listed as an emergency contact.

Student Pick-Up:

In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Retrieval Gate is the West Gate of the Carr Elementary campus on 168th Street.  

Emergency Preparedness

Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, please be assured that our school and school district have prepared and continue to update our emergency plans. However, your cooperation is essential to support your child who may be at school when such an emergency occurs. These are some of the most important things you can do:

  • Preparedness: Make sure the Online Emergency Contact information is current and accurate.
  • Provide your child with his/her “Student Emergency Kit”, which will be kept in the classroom with the current yellow “Emergency” card. This kit will help sustain your child until he/she can be picked up safely from school. The “Student Emergency Kit” specifications are defined on the next page.

If there is a disaster . . .

  • Remain Calm
  • Do not telephone the school; telephone lines may be needed for emergency communications.
  • Walk, do not drive, to school to pick up your child. Streets must be kept open for emergency vehicles.
  • Come to the “release area” at the west gate on 168th.  Parents are not allowed to enter campus during an emergency. Parents must fill out a Student Emergency Release Form and then a staff member will radio the classroom teacher for release of the student.
  • Tune your radio to KFI 640AM, KNX 1070AM or KFOX 93.5FM for emergency announcements.
  • All children will be kept at school until we are able to make some type of contact with you. Our staff members are prepared to become civil defense employees in times of emergency and will remain on campus to assist children until dismissed by the principal.
  • The school is equipped with emergency medical supplies, water, and various types of needed equipment and tools. The more prepared the school and community members are, the safer our children will be.
  • Please cooperate with school personnel during an emergency.

Student Emergency Kit Specifications

Pack the following items in a 1 gallon zip-lock bag and mark the bag with your child's name;  return to their classroom as soon as possible.

  • One (1) small towel
  • One (1) small packet of Kleenex
  • Small packets of Handi-Wipes
  • An old sweatshirt or sweater, rolled up tightly
  • A change of underwear
  • Two (2) 6 oz. cans of juice (easy opening kind, not boxed)
  • A few Band-Aids
  • Small packets of snacks that are commercially vacuum packed and preserved (examples: pudding/fruit, packaged beef jerky, cheese/peanut butter crackers, etc.); any loose snacks that could spoil or attract ants must be placed in a zip-lock bag
  • 48-hour supply of necessary prescribed medication with instructions
  • A small game (not battery-type) or a deck of cards
  • A family photo