What is Dual Language Immersion?
Dual language immersion is an educational model that integrates native English speakers and native speakers of a target language in the same classroom for the entire school day. Students learn to speak, write and read at grade level in both languages with the goals of promoting high academic achievement, first and second language development, and cross-cultural understanding for all students. 

Why choose Dual Language Immersion?

  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Increases academic achievement and test scores
  • Increases listening and communication skills

What are the benefits of Dual Language Immersion Program for students?
Native English-speaking children will develop Spanish as a second language at an early age while continuing to grow in English. Native Spanish-speaking children will develop English as a second language while enriching their native language. 

Will my child progress through the general education curriculum at a slower rate than children in traditional classes because they are learning in English and in Spanish?
No, the classes implement the district’s recommended curriculum at the same rate as other classes. Through careful scaffolding and interactive approaches,, children learn the academic content while developing their respective languages.

Will my child fall behind in basic skills, such as reading, writing and math, because of the second language?
No, national studies have shown that children in dual language programs, as a group, perform as well or better than their respective peers in achievement tests in math, reading, and writing.

Please click visit TUSD's website for more information about this program: https://www.tusd.org/parents/enrollment/dual-language-immersion