Community Information

North Torrance Library

North Torrance Library
3604 Artesia Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 323-7200

This library is very close to Carr and students can check out books at no charge.  Additionally, they have reading programs, after school home work club and much, much more!  Be sure to check it out!

North Torrance Library Map

Torrance Unified School District

Administrative Office
2335 Plaza Del Amo
Torrance, CA  90501
(310)  972-6500

Superintendent of Schools                          Dr. Tim Stowe

Chief Busines Officer                                  Dr. Keith Butler

Chief Academic Officer                               Dr. Kati Krumpe

Senior Director, Elementary Schools          Yvonne Marin

Senior Director, Secondary Schools           Dr. Ben Egan


Carr Neighborhood Emergency Phone Numbers


Torrance Police Department (310) 328-3456

North Area Community Resource Officer 

Torrance Fire Department (310) 781-7042

City of Torrance

Mayor’s Office (310) 618-2894

Street/Trees/Trash Department (310) 791-6900

Graffiti Removal (310) 781-7555

Water Emergency (310) 618-6216

Airport Noise Abatement (310) 784-7950

Torrance Dial-A-Lift (310) 792-0560

Torrance Transit 1-800-266-6883

Animal Control (310) 618-3850


Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-540-4000

Teen Helpline (310) 541-2525

California Smokers Hotline 1-800-766-2888

Suicide Prevention (310) 391-1253 (24 hour)


Little Company of Mary Hospital (310) 540-7676

Torrance Memorial Hospital (310) 325-9110

Poison Control 1-800-876-4766(24 hour)

Torrance Unified School District

Carr Elementary (310) 533-4467

Yukon Elementary (310) 533-4477

Edison Elementary (310) 533-4513

Arlington Elementary (310) 533-4510

Lincoln Elementary (310) 533-4464

Magruder Middle School (310) 533-4527

North High School (310) 533-4412

TUSD Student Crime Violation Reporting 1-800-78-CRIME

(may call anonymously)

TUSD After Hour/Weekend/Holiday Emergency # (310) 530-8780

(Security Co.)

District Office (310) 533-4200


Southern California Gas Company 1-800-427-2200

Edison Emergency/Outages 1-800-611-1911

Sandbags - call Street Department or Fire Department

TUSD Board of Education


Betty Lieu, Esq. - President

James Han -  Vice President

Dr. Jeremy L. Gerson - Clerk

Dr. Anil Muhammed - Member

Jasmine Park - Member

The Torrance Unified School District Board of Education meets twice monthly and are open to the public.  Meetings begin at 7 pm and the board room is located in the Educational Materials Building (EMB) at 2336 Plaza del Amo.  At this time, Board meetings are only accessible via Zoom.  Please click HERE to access the TUSD website with more Board Meeting information including dates and Zoom link.