1/5/2021 Announcement

HSA and PTSA Board Election Febuary 23rd.

Bert Lynn PTSA Association Meeting
September 22, 2020
Video Conference via Zoom
5:30 PM

Call Meeting to Order

Present PTSA Meeting Norms
We will...

  • Begin and end our meetings on time
  • Be respectful
  • Allowed to speak without interruption
  • Active listening
  • Focus on topic at hand
  •  Actively participate
  • “We” not “me” topics
  • Save personal grievances for personal meetings so we can stick to the point, then move on promptly

President’s Message – Introduction of the Board

Approval of May’s Association Minutes

PTSA Business –

  • Appoint Lynette Gelinas, Deanna Gabauer and alternates Maggie Sarabakhsh and Vivienne Kimmel as our Council Delegates.
  • Ratify Yolande Westergaard as Parlimentarian
  • Ratify the 2020-2021 Chair Roster as posted
  • Approval of all 2020 -2021 calendared PTA events, programs and fundraisers

Treasurer – Suehair Samaan

  • Approval of Treasurer’s Reports
  • Ratify checks
  • Adopt the 2020-2021 Bert Lynn PTSA Budget
  • Approval to release funds and pay bills

Announcements – Direct Donation available online & Reflections entries due 10/13

PTSA Association Meeting 9/22/20

                                  PTSA Newsletter                                     


President Monique  Muller
1st Vice President Lynette  Gelinas  
2nd Vice President Kate Brewer  
3rd Vice President Tara Graves  
4th Vice President Deanna Gabauer   
Recording Sec Maggie Sarabakhsh  
Treasurer  Suehair Samaan  
Financial Sec Kyla  Adams  
Auditor  Susan Berz  
Historian Kim Wada  
Parliamentarian Yolande Westergaard  
1st Vice President- Lynette Gelinas      
Adventures in Art Kevin Kimmel

Adventures in Art- Supply Colette Trainor  
Disaster Prep Vivienne  Kimmel  
8th Grade Promotion Colette Trainor  
Winter Formal Deanna Gabauer  
Music Liaison Tara Graves  
Reflections Kate  Brewer
7th Grade Renaissance Maria Marcello  
Scholarship Kate Brewer  
Student Recognition Laura Brandt  
6th Grade Chair Lynette Gelinas  
2nd Vice President- Kate Brewer      
Direct Donation Kate  Brewer
Restaurant Nights Maria Marcello  
Paper Drive Grace Kia'aina  
3rd Vice President- Tara Graves      
Membership Kate  Brewer
Directory Monique Muller  
Lynn Legend Vivienne Kimmel  
Towers Liaison Kyla Adams  
Victor Liaison Tara Graves  
West Liaison  Monique Muller  
4th Vice President- Deanna Gabauer       
Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation  Joy Downing   
Volunteer Coordinator  Kate  Brewer  
Student Activities  Kyla Adams  
Red Ribbon  Juni Song