Daily Announcements 4/2/21

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Daily Announcements 4/2/21

Today is Friday, April 2, 202, and here are today's announcements.

(A-Group Students - PLEASE make your Lunch Choice ASAP. I goofed up the form yesterday, but it is fixed now. )

As we complete our first 7 days of in-person instruction, I
want to thank everyone for their patience as we transition back to school.
This is not an easy task, and it involved several new procedures and ways of teaching.  We are all trailblazers using technology not easily accessed until a few years ago.  Over the past 7 days, I have seen some amazing lessons as our faculty and staff continue to work on new ways of providing "concurrent" instruction to all of our
students.  With all this in mind and understanding change is difficult, I encouraged everyone to reenergize from our Spring Break by unplugging from the computer.  Consider building models, cooking,
cleaning, gardening, learning how to play the kazoo. :-)HAVE A GREAT BREAK!!! 

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Today is the last day of the 3rd Quarter!!!!
Check for missing assignments and make sure to submit work.

Spring Break
April 5 - 9.

Periods 2, 3, and6 - 2nd Period Starts 9AM

Year Book Photo Opportunity
April Fool's Day
Install funny backgrounds on your computer, a funny icon.
(Student Access) 

New Bell Schedule

Bell schedule

Need help? Check-in with your teacher during Tutorial. 2:00 pm on the following days.
Monday = Science Tuesday = Math Thursday = SS Friday = ELA

If you have connectivity issues, please feel free to call the office or check in with us using the Contemporary Issues Link. (310) 533-4495

Have a GREAT day! Today we learn, tomorrow we lead.