Food on Campus

Wellness Policy

Starting in September 2007, Torrance schools implemented school Wellness policies in accordance with SB12 and SB965. These policies outline specific goals relating to nutrition and physical education in schools. The law requires that only Senate Bill compliant food items be served at school in the cafeteria and during classroom events. This is a joint effort between the state, the district, the school and the PTA to support a school environment in which active and well-nourished students are more likely to attend school and are better prepared to learn. Torrance Unified School District is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. The Wellness Policy Committee met in 2015 to revise and update the existing Wellness Policy. The committee included a variety of District staff and other interested community members. To become a member of the Wellness Committee, please contact the Chair of the committee at To view the entire TUSD Wellness Policy as well as as list of foods that are appropriate for school, please click here for the TUSD Wellness Policy Resource Guide.  Important reminders for students and families:

  • Students are NOT allowed to share food with friends (in order to prevent allergic reactions and the spreading of germs.)
  • Parents should NOT bring food items to school to celebrate their child's birthday.  Please consider erasers, bookmarks, stickers or other non-edible items.  Food items brought to school will not be allowed to be distributed in the classroom and will need to be taken home.
  • While specific allowable foods are listed in the Wellness Policy, in general it should be noted that candy and soda are not allowed on campus at any time.  Please refrain from packing these items in your child's lunch.


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