4th & 5th Grade GATE Testing


GATE Testing for 4th and 5th Grade


Permission to Test Forms are now being accepted for 4th and 5th grade students interested in participating in GATE testing.  GATE tests will be administered during the month of January, but permission forms must be submitted by November 13th in order for your student to participate.  


We will be offering GATE testing to 4th and 5th grade students who:

1) Have never been GATE tested in TUSD

2) Have only taken the GATE test in TUSD once before


Students who have already been administered GATE testing through TUSD twice are not eligible for testing. If your child qualifies for 4-5th grade GATE testing and you would like your student to participate, please complete and return your signed permission slip to your student’s teacher by November 13, 2018.  No late slips will be accepted. Permission slips will be sent home with all 4-5th grade students, however students who are already identified GATE in TUSD do not need to retest.


Unlike the process for universal 3rd grade GATE testing, 4-5th grade GATE testing requires parents to submit a signed permission slip by the deadline.  

English Parent Notification and Permission to Test Form here

Japanese Parent Notification and Permission Test Form

Korean Parent Notification and Permission Test Form

Spanish Parent Notification and Permission Test Form


Please note that TUSD GATE testing for identification purposes occurs only in grades 3-5.