Special Programs

Adapted Physical Education (Adapted PE)

Those students who are identified as requiring a specialized physical education program due to a physical handicap or condition are served by an Adapted Physical Education Specialist who assists students in enhancing small and/or large motor coordination. This program is part of the services provided through the Designated Instruction Services which functions within the Special Education Program.

CHAMPPS (Champs Have And Model Positive Peer Skills)

All 5th grade students participate in projects to help the school, students and/or the community. Activities include Valet service, Kindergarten Helpers and Morning Assembly leaders.

English Language Development

The English Language Development (ELD) program supports students who are learning English as a second language.  Students are identified for the program at the time of enrollment based on information received from parents and results of state assessments (CELDT or ELPAC) in both English and their home language.  All ELD students receive both designated and integrated ELD instruction from their classroom teachers on a daily basis in class.  Those students who are further behind in their English development (below grade level standards) may also receive additional pull-out instruction from our certificated Intervention teachers.  Once identified as an ELD student, students may not be Re-Classified English Proficient until the 3d grade.  Please visit the District's English Language Development and Assessment webpage for more detailed information about the District-wide program.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) - Grades 3-5 only

Students in grades 3 through 5 are identified for the GATE program based upon their intellectual ability, test performance, teacher evaluation, and parent/student surveys as outlined by State and District guidelines. Classroom teachers provide an on-going enrichment program for high-achieving students through differentiated instruction, thus encouraging students to develop to their fullest potential. GATE students are clustered and given specific instruction based on their needs. A supplemental class may be offered for GATE and high-achieving students, pending funding. Notification of class dates and times will be sent home.

LAUNCH Program

The LAUNCH (Learning and Understanding Children) Preschool Program is housed adjacent to the Arnold campus. This special education preschool program in the Torrance Unified School District serves pre-kindergarten children having a wide range of disabilities, as well as integrating typical peers. LAUNCH Preschool has their own office, principal and staff.


Students in grades 4 and 5 receive instruction in music as part of their instructional school day.  We have a Music teacher who serves the school on a part-time basis.

School Planning

A Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is written each year as a way to set goals and objectives based on data and to allocate state and federal funds. This plan is enormously important in structuring the delivery of service and materials to improve our overall effectiveness. The plan is jointly developed by staff and the School Site Council and approved by the TUSD Board of Education. 

Special Education

State law mandates that all individuals with exceptional needs have a right to participate in a free, appropriate public education with special education and services when necessary. Assessment for special education is provided for children from birth to 21 years of age.

Speech and Language

The Speech and Language Program is for students who have been identified as having speech and/or language problems. Assistance is provided by the Language/Speech Specialist in an individual or small group setting. This program is part of the services provided through the Designated Instruction Services which functions within the Special Education Program.