Gloria GutierrezGloria Gutierrez MA PPS
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Anza Elementary
Hamilton Adult Transition Program (ATP) 


To all students, parents, and guardians;

My name is Gloria Gutierrez and I am the school counselor at Anza Elementary. You may be wondering what an elementary school counselor does and when this would be important to you - my goal is for you to know the answers to those questions, and how to get in touch with me, by the end of this introduction.

What I do is many things - my direct service to students includes counseling individually and in groups, and providing social and emotional instruction. Anza's teachers are your first resource, and often refer students to me. Students see me if they need help with friendship or social problems, are struggling with a life event, like a new sibling, moving, divorce, or death of a loved one, trying to manage strong emotions like jealousy, anger, and sadness, are having difficulty with organization or study habits, are struggling with attendance or motivation due to COVID, or even if they have questions about college or careers. Students can refer themselves, or a teacher or parent can refer their student - a link for referral is available on this site. 

I am available to support you and your students via email and, by request, a phone call during my office hours.

To request a call during office hours, please email me at and provide the phone number you'd prefer for me to call. You can also fill out a counseling request at the links below. 

Mrs G's Counseling Office

Some of my work is behind the scenes, like working with parents and teachers to increase student success in the classroom and playground, planning and implementing events and programs designed to make school a safe and welcoming place for learning, or sharing important knowledge to become a global citizen, like safety, bullying awareness, and mental health awareness (among others). When appropriate, I provide resources to teachers and parents (e.g. parenting classes, support groups, tutoring, childcare, mental health resources).

I also have additional duties that include a role on the Special Education and Student Success teams and serving as 504 Coordinator for Anza, and I also lead Anza's Green Team which promotes green habits on campus and at home. 

In our current circumstances, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy. Take a moment's pause on occasion to acknowledge yourself for your hard work and for the steps you've taken to lead your family in wellness. This too shall pass.

To refer your child to see meplease fill out the referral form. Please note that it is not within my scope to provide counseling on issues that do not impact school, or are better suited to be addressed by another mental health professional, like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist - but, I can work with your outside professional, with your permission, to provide school-based support for treatment goals.

Here are some key events at school we will be focusing on: 

Important Information

Keep up the good work!