When your child attempts to get into their etusd or accounts, they need to check the top right hand corner of the computer screen to be sure THEY are logged into Google and not someone else. Google will often bring up the account of the last person who used the computer.

To create documents:

Students will enter Google Drive through Clever (, which will allow them to create a google document. If a teacher wishes the student to "send" their document in directly rather than printing, the student will "share" it with the teacher using the appropriate teacher email address. Teachers will give the students the email, but FYI, all teachers' emails are

To access textbooks and other programs:

Students may access Clever via ETUSD, or go directly to Students may be confused at home as Clever comes up instantly students log on to chromebooks at school.

For help with accessing Clever at home, please watch the following YouTube video... "Clever at Home" by Rob Johnson...

Note: The Social Studies and Science books are no longer available online.

If your student is still having difficulties accessing content at home, please notify your student's teacher. Information is also available via your student's ETUSD homepage.