Ice Cream Social May 30th 5:00 - 8:00 pm

The Ice Cream Social is a fun community event on May 30th, held in conjunction with the Open House that showcases our children's work throughout the year and the May PTA meeting. It is also an important fundraiser for Anza. The Eagle Education Alliance fundraises to support the hiring of credentialled academic intervention teachers and to pay for technology racks, to ensure our children have the optimum academic experience. Remember, every dollar stays at Anza and is used directly for the benefit of our kids! 

How can I help? 

There are a little over two weeks remaining for Ice Cream Social Tickets and there are lots of incentives for the students to sell tickets. See the flyer: Ice Cream Social Ticket Flyer

Volunteer to Help on the Day: There are many ways you can help on Thursday May 30th, from set up, selling, supervising or cleaning up. The wonderful community event can't be run without volunteers like you! Sign Up for Volunteer Duties

Golden Ticket Sales: Follow this link Golden Ticket Sales, from 8 pm May 13th to 8 pm May 20th, to buy 1 of the 100 golden tickets available for present Anza students. Prizes include 4 Disney Park Hopper tickets and the winner can choose a basket of their choice before the auction begins.