Anza in 1957


Anza Elementary started on Feb 6, 1957 with 456 students enrolled in its first year. Within a year, 18 classrooms and a Music room for students from K-8 were set up. Mr. Carl Shaner was the first Principal. By 1959, Anza was already the 2nd largest school in Torrance. In 1971, Anza became a K-5 Elementary school. We merged with Sepulveda school in the fall of 1979 and adopted the Anza Eagles logo.


Anza Eagle logo, 1979

Anza has grown into a community of over 600 students, 50 staff and innumerable volunteers thanks to our supportive community. Anza prides itself for its strong parent participation in making this school a great place to learn and shape our students through many volunteer led programs. It's no wonder we have families that have been in Anza for over 3 generations, students who have come back and joined us as teachers or teachers that have been with Anza for over 30 years. In 2017, we celebrated Anza's 60 glorious years of history.