School Policy and Procedure

Bicycle Policy
Children in grades 3-5 may ride bicycles to school with a permit. Bicycle permits are issued through the school office. The school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged bicycles. All bicycles must be locked and kept in the bicycle racks provided.

Bicycle Helmet Policy
Guided by our concern for the safety of our students, and in compliance with State Law, school policy requires John Adams students to wear helmets if they want the privilege of riding a bicycle to school. Students who do not comply with these requirements will have their bicycle riding privileges suspended until they can prove that they have a helmet, will be conscientious about wearing it on their trip to and from school, and that they have the capability of locking their bicycle at school.

Skateboards, Skates, Blades, Skate Shoes, Scooters
Skateboards, roller skates/blades, skate shoes, and scooters are not allowed on campus at any time. Skateboards are prohibited by Torrance Municipal Code 63.4030 and are fined as follows:
1st offense - $25; 2nd offense - $50; 3rd offense - $100.

No Toys, Balls, sports equipment, etc. allowed at school

Attention John Adams’ Families: Please support your students by reminding them that toys, balls, sports equipment, etc. are not allowed at school. This will help eliminate distractions here at John Adams. Some exceptions may be made for Share Days. Thank you for your support! 

All teachers will acknowledge your child’s birthday, but remember that at a school, the focus needs to be on learning.

We would like to avoid birthday treats in the form of food due to allergies or special dietary needs. If you would like to donate a gift to your child’s class, we suggest items such as a book or pencils.

In accordance with county health laws, home-made or home-baked goods may not be served to students in the classroom.  These goods are still permitted at PTA or other functions that occur outside of school hours.

For the District’s Wellness Policy, please go to the TUSD Nutrition Services Website at

The passing out of party invitations at school is not appropriate when some children are included and others are not. Please be considerate of others’ feelings. If you have any questions, please give us a call.