Reporting Student Progress

Back to School Night
Back to School Night is an opportunity for parents to meet together with their child’s teacher in a group discussion with other parents. You will learn about the class curriculum, grading procedures and the classroom discipline plan. This evening is planned for parents and teachers. We ask that you make other arrangements for your children. Back to School Night is also the first PTA Association meeting of the year. We urge you to attend and visit your child’s class.
Achievement Reports
Achievement reports are sent home to parents at the end of each trimester in December, March and June. In addition, a progress report is sent home mid-trimester indicating if students are at risk of receiving a “1” in achievement.
Individual Conferences
Individual Conferences for parents and teachers are scheduled at the end of the first and second trimesters in December and March. We encourage all parents to participate in the scheduled conferences so that parents and teachers can share information and insights that will help us work as a team to benefit your child. Extra conferences will be scheduled for students who are academically at-risk or candidates for retention-to-plan interventions and evaluations progress.
Teachers will contact parents to schedule conferences. We also encourage parents to meet with teachers as needed throughout the school year. If you wish to meet with a teacher, simply call the school office for an appointment. To avoid disappointment, please do not drop by school for a conference without an appointment.
Portfolio Day
Portfolio Day is a time for families to visit classrooms with their children to see how much they have accomplished. Our students work very hard throughout the year and proudly display their work for you to see in their classroom.