Admission to School

Please click here to go to the FAMILY WELCOME AND ENROLLMENT CENTER website for all the details about enrollment.
Proof of Residency
All new students must provide proof of address at the time of enrollment. We require two documents, which may include utility bills, automobile registration with current address, bank statements, a paycheck with your current address and/or government correspondence. If you move during the school year you must provide the school office with your current address and phone number, as well as, proof of residency at your new address.
All permits are issued through the Torrance Unified School District Family Welcome and Enrollment Center. Permits are granted for one school year or until the reason for qualification should become invalid. All information submitted on the application for a permit must be accurate and current. Permits are withdrawn immediately if the information is found to be incorrect. It is the expectation of our district that students attending Adams on a permit show evidence of satisfactory attendance, citizenship and effort.
If a change of address is anticipated which could result in your child changing schools, please notify the school secretary as soon as possible. State law requires your signature for the transfer of records. This will facilitate enrollment at your new school. Under some circumstances, students may obtain a permit to finish the school year at Adams. Contact the principal for specific information.
If you have any questions regarding admission to school, please contact the school office.