PTA Sponsored Programs

Adams T-shirts and sweatshirts are sold at the beginning of each school year to promote school spirit. Students are encouraged to show their school spirit by wearing their school shirts on Fridays. This is a service we provide to our students and families and is not a fundraiser. Flyers and order forms will be sent home and are available on our website.

Adventures in Art
“Adventures in Art” is a PTA-funded art enrichment program coordinated by parent volunteers. Artists develop projects using a variety of styles and media for the children to explore. Trained volunteers teach Adventures in Art projects to our students throughout the year.

Bike Rodeo
Our Annual Bicycle Rodeo held in the Spring is an opportunity for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to showcase their bicycling skills. The Bicycle Rodeo includes a written safety test and a bicycle skills timed obstacle course including:

1. Balancing at slow speed
2. Straight-line riding
3. Weaving
4. Circling
5. U-turning
6. Stopping on the spot

Students wishing to participate in the Bicycle Rodeo must have a permission slip, bicycle with a lock, and helmet. The PTA, Torrance Fire Department, and Torrance Police Department sponsor our Bicycle Rodeo. Winners from each grade advance to the District Bicycle Rodeo. Winners of the District Bike Rodeo earn a savings bond and a plaque that comes back to the school for display. This is a fun event to participate in as well as to watch!

Blue Ribbon Week
Once a year we take time to show our appreciation and support to all of the Police Officers and Firefighters who serve in our community. Week-long events include activities for the students and a thank you breakfast in honor of all John Adams Police and Firefighter relatives.

Book Fair
Each year the PTA sponsors a Book Fair where students and parents have an opportunity to buy carefully selected, quality books at affordable prices. Our students have an opportunity to visit the Book Fair with their classrooms to preview books for purchase. We’ll also have a Classroom Wish List section if you are interested in donating pre-selected books to your child’s classroom library. The Book Fair is one of our main fundraisers, and the funds received go toward the general PTA budget for PTA events and activities including our Library.

Boxtops for Education
Be on the lookout for Boxtops for Education on your favorite products. We receive 10¢ for each Boxtop collected. The funds we receive through the Boxtops for Education program go toward the general PTA budget for PTA events and activities.

Card Registration Fundraising
Our easiest fundraisers for both families and volunteers are our Card Registration Fundraisers. These fundraisers are easy because you sign up for them once, they take care of themselves, and they continue raising money year-round! The funds we receive through these programs go toward the general PTA budget for PTA events and activities. Here are our school ID numbers and contact numbers:

Organization ID Number Contact Number
eScrip #5012072 1-800-801-4973
Ralphs 1-800-443-4438 or

Every other year we have a Carnival. This event is only possible because of the help and cooperation of the parents, staff, and students. Everyone chips in and everyone has fun! Each class is assigned a booth to be operated by parents scheduled in advance. The Carnival is scheduled in April.

Community Liaison
Our Community Liaison parent volunteers solicit in-kind donations for various fundraisers throughout the year. If you know of any businesses that might be willing to donate goods and/or services we would love to call them; please email our PTA president as this position is currently open.

Stay informed on the latest PTA events and information by signing up for our PTA email blasts!  

Emergency Preparedness
Our PTA continues to replenish and restore emergency equipment and supplies that are available to help us in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. Our goal is to provide temporary care and shelter for our children in the event of a disaster. The school staff conducts emergency drills regularly, and with our help, your children will know what to do should a real emergency occur. Each student is asked at the beginning of the school year to bring in a personal Emergency Survival Kit. Items that should be included in your Emergency Survival Kit:

1 small package of Kleenex Underwear
2 small cans of juice Sweatshirt
2 hand wipes A family picture and short note from the parents
2 vacuum packed snacks School Emergency Card completely filled out
Small towel Optional: deck of cards, pencil and paper

Family Events
Our PTA sponsors and coordinates family events throughout the year. We have picnics, a Fall Family Night, Book Fair Night, Grandfriends’ Day, Family Skate Night, Red Ribbon and Blue Ribbon Week, and much more. We have Family Night events and hope to see you at them! We welcome volunteers in planning and working at these events.

Field Trips
Field trips enable teachers to enhance curriculum in ways impossible to achieve in the classroom alone. The PTA funds transportation and entrance fees for one special study/field trips during the year for all grade levels. Past field trips have included the L.A. Zoo, Museum of Natural History, Whale Watching, San Juan Capistrano Mission, and Riley's Farm.

Fifth Grade Fun Day
To celebrate the completion of elementary school and moving on to middle school, our PTA helps fund a 5th Grade Fun Day on campus at the end of the year. This event is exclusively for the 5th grade classes. The PTA also contributes to the purchase of special 5th Grade Class T-shirts.

Our PTA holds a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year to earn the money required for PTA sponsored programs and materials. The PTA Board votes on each fundraiser with input from our families. Fundraisers in the past have included our Fall and Spring fundraisers, community discount cards, book fair, Amazon Smile, eScrip, Ralphs, etc.

Grandfriends’ Night
Grandfriends’ Night is a very special John Adams tradition where we invite our Grandfriends’ (Grandparents and Senior Friends) to spend the evening with our students at the school during our Book Fair Family night. This is a very special event for all involved and truly an event not to be missed.

Health and Welfare
Our PTA participates in the following Community Health and Welfare Programs:

1. Red Ribbon Week - making good choices
2. Blue Ribbon & Local Heroes’ Week
3. Canned Food Drive
4. Child Assistance
5. BOSS - Bringing Our Students Supplies 

Honorary Service Awards
Each year our PTA honors outstanding local citizens with our Honorary Service Award. Recipients are individuals who have given many hours of their time serving our school and community. Nominations may be submitted in writing to the Honorary Service Committee in care of the school office. Awards are presented at our February Association Meeting.

Our Legislation Committee members follow and study various legislation at the local, state, and national level that affect our children and schools. The information they gather is shared with parents and community members throughout the year. Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Our School Library is funded by the PTA, and staffed by very caring volunteers. It is open to all students during their regularly scheduled class time. Parent permission is required for students to “check-out” books. The library encourages good reading habits and provides students an opportunity to select books of their choice. Students also gain the experience of being responsible for “checking-out” and returning books on time.

All parents, students, families, teachers, and community members are invited and encouraged to join and support our PTA. Funds collected through membership support the National and California PTAs and their efforts on behalf of our children, including, parent education, resource and training materials for parents and PTA members, and legislative support on educational issues affecting our children. We have an annual PTA Membership Drive at the beginning of each school year, but you can join the PTA any time throughout the school year. Only PTA members are allowed to vote. PTA members can be parents, students, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.

Multi-Cultural Day
Each year we celebrate the diverse cultures that are brought together in our Adams family. The week’s events often include activities for the children and entertainment from a variety of cultures.

Our PTA Newsletter is filled with information about school, PTA events, and activities. Watch for it every other month in the Thursday Folders and Information Packets.

Programs and Assemblies
Each year the PTA provides funds for many assemblies and family programs at John Adams. The assemblies enrich and broaden our children’s educational experience and awareness. Our family programs make available to our students and their families a wide variety of fun times together.

Red Ribbon Week
National Red Ribbon Week is sponsored by the PTA and the National Family Partnership and is an opportunity to send a consistent “No Drugs” message to children and youth. When young people hear the “No Drugs” message at home, at school, and in their community, they accept and believe that “They Have The Power To Be Drug Free.” During Red Ribbon Week, schools across the nation celebrate to show a unified and visible commitment to a “Drug-Free America.” This event promotes a drug-free lifestyle with activities for students and includes mottos such as:
“Say No to Drugs,” “Hugs Not Drugs,” and “Turn Your Back on Drugs.”

Room Representatives
Our Room Representatives help coordinate activities with the classroom teachers. Their duties include scheduling parent volunteers to help, as needed, with class events and PTA events. Room Representatives are parent volunteers who work with the classroom teacher and the PTA Board’s 4th Vice President, Room Representatives Coordinator.

Reflections Program
The Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students. It provides opportunities for students to express themselves creatively and to receive positive recognition for original works of art inspired by a pre-selected theme. The goal of the Reflections Program is participation and appreciation for the arts. Participation is a great way for students to explore and learn about various art forms.  Program guidelines are available starting in September.

Students may submit an entry in any of the six arts areas listed below. Only original works of art are accepted.

1. Literature
2. Musical Composition
3. Photography
4. Visual Arts
5. Dance Choreography
6. Film/video production

Scholarship Awards for Adams Alumni
Annually our PTA grants scholarship money to high school seniors in the City of Torrance who have attended John Adams. High school counselors collect applications at year-end that are evaluated by our PTA Scholarship Committee who select our recipients. These scholarships are awarded at a Friday “Flag Assembly” so that our current students can participate in honoring the recipients.

School Enrichment
To help offset in a small way the many educational budget cuts we see each year, our PTA budgets for a small amount to be made available to each classroom teacher for various supplies they need.  Our PTA also supports the school with a School Gift.  Past gifts have been the laminator, printer supplies, cafeteria sound system, document cameras, and computers.   As a non-profit, we are not allowed to “make a profit”, so any fundraising monies collected above our expenditures are used to purchase school gifts. 

School Publicity
Our School Publicity Committee of parent volunteers takes photos at various school and PTA events and activities throughout the year to ensure all activities are publicized. School award winners are often photographed and displayed in the school office.  Please submit any photos you would like submitted to the yearbook to your teacher.  

Our annual STEAM Fair allows students to show off their knowledge of science through a wide variety of science experiments. Torrance High School students judge the entries and all participants are awarded certificates of participation. First place winners from each grade level are selected to represent John Adams at the Torrance Unified School District’s STEAM Fair at Torrance High School. STEAM Fair projects are judged on:

1. Use of the scientific method
2. Originality
3. Presentation
4. Participation in creating the display
5. Understanding of the project’s underlying concepts

Teacher & Staff Appreciation
We are very fortunate at John Adams to have such wonderful staff and faculty. To show our appreciation, we take time throughout the year to honor and thank these professionals during events such as:

1. “Back to School” lunch for the teachers and staff
2. “Teacher Appreciation Week”
3. “Administrator, Secretary and Nurse Appreciation Days”

It is only through parent volunteers that we are able to honor and thank our teachers and staff. Please contact our Hospitality Chair if you would like to volunteer to help.

Technology Fundraiser
With the increased cost of computer supplies, we have decided to let the technology pay for itself! This program has turned out to be a great fundraiser for the school as well as a great contribution to our environment. Turn in all of your used ink cartridges, toners, and cell phones, and we will recycle them for you!  The funds we receive go specifically for the purchase of technology related supplies.

Thursday Folders and Information Packets
All notices, flyers, and important papers from the PTA and school are sent home on Thursdays in the “Thursday Folders” (grades K thru 3rd) and “Information Packets” (grades 4th thru 5th). The “Thursday Folders” and “Information Packets” are an effective way to make sure important communications are being received by the parents. The PTA has funded the cost of these folders for many years. Don’t forget to check those backpacks every Thursday night!  COMING SOON...  Adams will go GREEN and use less paper.  Our goal this year is to keep this site updated so it can be used for a great source of school communication.  Help us attain our goal and sign up with your email address.

Talent Show
Each year we have a fabulous variety show that showcases our extremely talented students. We see everything from singing, dancing, musical instruments, skits and poetry reading. Be sure to watch for audition notices and don’t miss the show!

Our PTA publishes a student Yearbook at the end of each school year. The Yearbook includes pictures of special events throughout the year and is put together by parent volunteers. In addition to events and activities, each student and staff member is pictured in our Yearbook. We welcome any photos taken at student activities and ask that you submit them to the Yearbook Editor in care of the school office.