Transitional Kindergarten 

Q. What is Transitional Kindergarten (TK)?
A. TK is for students who are not age appropriate to begin kindergarten. This was dictated by the Kindergarten Readiness Act that was passed in September 2010. This legislation changed the birthday cut off day for eligibility to begin kindergarten. Students affected by the change are eligible to attend TK for one year. The following year the student would attend regular kindergarten.  
Q. What is the birthday cut off date for regular kindergarten now?
A. The birthday cutoff date moved from December 2 to September 1. 
Q. Is my child eligible to attend TK? 
A. A child will be admitted into TK if they will have their 5th birthday between September 2 and December 2. Children who have their 5th birthday on or before September 1 will be admitted into Kindergarten. (These rules apply at the beginning of a new school year and remain in effect throughout the school year.) 
Q. Is TK mandatory?
A. No. TK nor kindergarten is a mandatory grade. However, any child will be at a disadvantage if he or she does not attend.
Q. How do I enroll my child in TK? 
A. You enroll just like any other grade level at the Family Welcome Enrollment Center. We begin enrolling Kindergarten students by their school of residence in January and then begin to enroll Transitional Kindergarten students in March or April for the upcoming school year. Click here to get started. 
Q. Does it cost anything to enroll my child in TK? 
A. No. There is no cost for students to attend TK. 
Q. Will TK be offered at all elementary schools? 
A. TK will be offered at several school sites. Locations will depend on enrollment numbers and can vary from year to year.
Q. Will the District provide transportation if TK is not at my home school? 
A. No. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or caregiver. 
Q. Is TK taught by a credentialed teacher? 
A. Yes. TK teachers are fully credentialed just like all kindergarten through 5th grade teachers. They also have an additional authorization to teach younger children.
Q. How big will the class be? 
A. Class size will be the same as other elementary classes. Currently they are staffed at 27-1.
Q. What curriculum will be used? 
A. TK is aligned with the California Preschool Learning Foundations from the California Dept. of Education. The curriculum is based upon the Common Core State Standards that are age and developmentally appropriate. There is an emphasis on positive social, emotional, and motor skill development. 
Q. Can my child who is age appropriate for regular kindergarten, go to TK instead?
A. No. They must attend kindergarten.
Q. Can my child who is age appropriate for TK go to regular kindergarten instead?
A. It is not likely. They would have to go through an assessment process to determine if that is the best placement for them just like other students who are skipping a grade. This would only occur after the school year begins and the child turns 5 years old. Overall it is rare that children at any age are promoted to the next grade level.
Q. After attending the TK program what grade will my student attend the following year?
A. The TK program is the first year of a two year Kindergarten experience. After completing a year of the TK program, a student would then attend a traditional kindergarten program at their home school. The TK program is designed for students who may benefit from an extra year of learning before entering a traditional kindergarten class. 
Q. Is my child automatically enrolled in their home kindergarten school or do I need to enroll him/her again? 
A. Your child is automatically enrolled in their home kindergarten school. You do not need to enroll again.
Q. Can my child go to a different school for kindergarten after TK?
A. Possibly, if the TK school he or she attended is not your home school, he or she will automatically go back to his or her home school. If you do not wish for your child to go back to his or her home school, you may apply for Open Enrollment to attend the TK school they attended or any of the other 16 elementary schools in TUSD. Entry to the different school (not your home school) is dependent upon space availability. Interested families can also apply to the Dual Immersion Spanish Program for the 2021-2022 (Carr or Torrance Elementary Schools). More information is available on at Dual Immersion.