October 24, 2016

Request For Transcripts

All requests will be made directly to the high school or adult school last attended.

The cost for transcripts and other records are increasing to $20 for the initial request, and $5 for each additional copy.

Please note we DO NOT give copies of diplomas.

Because there is a fee, we do not accept phone, email, or fax requests, under any circumstance. Requests are accepted by walk-in or mail only.  This includes schools, background and hiring agencies, recruiters, etc...

You may pick up a request form at the school site or download it from the District Website. If you would like your records mailed, then please provide an addressed envelope for each address you would like your transcript sent. If more than one transcript will be sent to one address, please provide an addressed 9x12 envelope. Postage is not necessary.  

Please provide a copy of a state-issued photo ID, passport, or a school ID. If a third party is submitting the request, a signed authorization will be accepted in lieu of the copy of the ID.

Include $20 for the first transcript requested, plus $5 for each additional transcript requested. We ONLY accept cash or money order. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

For copies of student records other than transcripts, such as enrollment forms, immunization records, etc. please submit $20 for the initial request, if the documents requested are more than 10 pages, there will be an additional cost of $0.25 per page after the first 10 pages.

Important Notice: Please make sure the information you provide is ACCURATE, if we are provided inaccurate information, such as wrong name, school, or year, then you will be charged an additional $15 for each request we need to place to find your records.

Mail completed request form, the copy of photo ID or waiver, payment (cash or money order), and a self-addressed return envelope to: (Click on the school name to download Transcript Form)

North High School                                                                        West High School
Attn: Records                                                                         Attn: Records
3620 W. 182nd Street                                                             20401 Victor Street
Torrance, CA 90504                                                                Torrance, CA 90503
email: martinez.norma@tusd.org                                                   email: richardson.ernestine@tusd.org

South High School                                                                        Torrance High School
Attn: Records                                                                          Attn: Records
4801 Pacific Coast Highway                                                      2200 W. Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90505                                                                 Torrance, CA 90501
email: bastidas.anamarie@tusd.org                                                  email: hay.donna@tusd.org

Shery High School                                                                         Torrance Adult School
Attn: Records                                                                           Attn: Records
2600 Vine Street                                                                      2606 W. 182nd Street
Torrance, CA 90501                                                                  Torrance, CA 90504
email: sibley.danielle@tusd.org                                                       email: transcripts@tastusd.org

Email addresses are provide for correspondence ONLY. Please DO NOT email your request, they will not be processed.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to process your request. We do not rush transcripts. All requests submitted are needed asap and we do our best to fill these requests as soon as possible.

We only process completed requests. Incomplete requests will be returned.

Please contact the school directly should you have any additional questions. The school sites prefer email correspondence; however, if you cannot communicate via email then please call 310-972-6500, and use the following extensions to reach the school sites:

North High, ext. 7017             West High, ext. 7614               South High, ext. 7369
Torrance High, ext. 7967        Torrance Adult School, ext. 8400
For Shery High, please call 310-533-4440, ext. 0

Please plan ahead as schools are typically closed during winter and spring break. Please refer to the District calendar to know when there will be no school. 


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