October 22, 2014
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 We are no longer accepting applications for Open Enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year.

For Romero Bill Permits for students outside of the Torrance district, per the Open Enrollment Act, see the Permits section.


Open Enrollment is the process where Torrance Unified School District students can apply to go to a school other than their home or current school.  


Notification of Open Enrollment

for Torrance Unified School District Residents

for the 2014-2015 School Year


Per Ed Code 35160.5b, Torrance Unified School District established a policy allowing Parents/Guardians who live within Torrance Unified School District boundaries to apply to have their children attend a school other than their home school.   Once a year, during a specific period of time, applications are accepted for the following school year.  Once the procedure is complete, the Open Enrollment school becomes the permanent home school for that student.  Procedures are summarized below:


STEP 1:  Parent/Guardian must complete the Open Enrollment application and submit to: the District Office (for elementary schools and middle schools) or the high school office (for the high school requested) between February 1, 2014 and February 28 , 2014.

·         Applications may be submitted for elementary schools and middle schools in person at 2335 Plaza del Amo,  by fax to 310- 972-6096, by U.S. Mail to:  Torrance Unified School District/Ed Services/Open Enrollment, 2335 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90509, or scanned and emailed to openenrollment@tusd.org. 

·         Applications for high schools should be returned to the high school requested:  North HS Principal’s Office (310-533-4412 ext. 7081); South HS Student Services, Andy Jones (310-533-4352 ext. 7388); Torrance HS Assistant Principal's Office - Sue Trutanic (310-533-4396 ext. 7988); West HS Principal’s Office (310-533-4290 ext. 7681).

Complete one application for each student applying, but only one per student. Younger siblings, including incoming kindergarteners, do not automatically follow an older sibling on open enrollment-an application must be submitted for each student wanting to change their home school.


Applications will be available at the District Office at 2335 Plaza del Amo, on this website, and at all school sites beginning January 31, 2014. 



Parent/Guardian will receive a letter stating whether your application for Open Enrollment was approved or not; and if not, your number on the waiting list.. 



If approved for Open Enrollment, Parent/Guardian MUST fill out the CONFIRMATION SECTION of the letter and return the letter to the District Office (for elementary schools and middle schools) or the high school office (for the high school requested) by the date indicated on the confirmation letter.



If accepted and confirmed, Parent/Guardian MUST still go to the school of choice and ENROLL the student for the 2014-2015 school year by the date indicated on the confirmation letter.  Once enrolled, this school remains the student’s home school through high school graduation, even if you move to another address within Torrance Unified School District boundaries.


Important Information about Open Enrollment:

  • Submitting the application does not guarantee approval. 
  • Students with siblings already attending the school requested on a permanent basis (as long as the sibling will still be at the requested school in 2014-15) will be given priority.
  • In schools where there are more applications than spaces available, a random, computer-generated lottery will be held to determine which students are accepted and to create a waiting list.  Applications are considered equally, if received within the stated time period.  It is not first-come, first-served.
  • Transportation to the Open Enrollment school is not provided.
  • IMPORTANT:  Once granted, Open Enrollment is irrevocable.  Even if you move to another location within Torrance Unified School District, your permanent home school will still be the school you chose for Open Enrollment until the student graduates from high school, you move out of Torrance Unified School District boundaries, or you re-apply and are accepted into another site per Open Enrollment during a later year.
Open Enrollment is the only current option for Torrance Unified School District parents who wish for their student to go to a school other than the student’s home school.  However, Open Enrollment changes the student’s home school permanently.  It does not need to be renewed.  It can only be rescinded if the student applies, and is accepted for, Open Enrollment to another school, for a subsequent school year.
Contact Information:
For additional Open Enrollment information, please email openenrollment@tusd.org or phone the Open Enrollment line at 310-972-6093.

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