July 30, 2014
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Q. Where do I go to apply for a permit?
A. First you must obtain a release from your current home district. Then to apply for a permit to go to a Torrance school from another district, go to:
  • The District Office at 2335 Plaza del Amo for Elementary and Middle Schools for grades K-8
  • The specific high school office for grades 9-12
 Information is also available on the District website at www.tusd.org at Enrollment/Permits
Q. Does Open Enrollment mean my student can go to any Torrance school at any time?
A. No, Open Enrollment is a process whereby a parent can apply, during a specified period of time in the late winter to spring, to go to another Torrance school that is not the “home” school, for the upcoming school year. It is granted based on availability and once granted, is permanent.
Q. How can I find out what Torrance school my child will go to online?
A. Use the TUSD website School Locator (click on link). Enter the address, click go, then click the button at the bottom of the page “Click here if the house icon on the map is in the proper location.”
Q. If I work in Torrance, does that mean my child will automatically go to Torrance schools?
A. No, only residents of the City of Torrance are assured enrollment in Torrance schools. Apply for an interdistrict permit to attend a Torrance school if you live outside of the City boundaries.
Q. Is my child required to take the language test (California English Language Development Test) if s/he speaks English?
A. Yes, the state of California requires that the CELDT be administered to students where a language other than English is spoken in the home.


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